Naviate for Revit monthly webinar series

Naviate Structure - optimise your workflow with Rebar Extension and Structure

Customised with built-in standards for Designers and Engineers. Join us to learn more about the latest additions and improvements to Naviate Structure.

For designers and engineers

In Revit you work in a complete building information model (BIM). Naviate Structure takes optimise the BIM model further with a large library of object types. In addition, there are standard profiles and foundations designed to be quickly and easily customised to suit the project you are going to work with.

Effective presentation of presentation and drawing materials

With the Naviate symbol library and custom features, it is easier to work out drawing materials - plans, sections, details - and give them a uniform layout. There are templates to present the building; both for you to be able to study design solutions from different perspectives and to be used for presentation on drawings. Naviate also lets you reinforce in full 3D. Without having to leave the Revit environment, you get the correct report of reinforcement, in both drawings and lists.

Full support for collaboration

Naviate Structure fully supports the overall vision and collaboration opportunities offered by BIM. This also applies to how functions and symbols in the module interact as for communication with other Naviate modules and interaction with other disciplines in a project.

In this webinar we will present:

  • Optimise your workflow with Naviate Rebar Extension and Naviate Structure
  • Tips on how to get the best workflow with selected features
  • Tips and tricks based on frequently asked questions

Register for the webinar here: Naviate Structure - optimise your workflow with Rebar Extension and Structure

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