Plant data for Landscape - Webinar in Swedish

Join us to learn more about plant data in Naviate Landscape.

For landscape architects & engineers 
Includes both templates and settings files that conform to Scandinavian national standards. The settings and visual representations are created to match the standard look of todays drawings and are also open for the user to edit.

Naviate Landscape commands can be accessed from both the Ribbon and a group of Tool Palettes. The Tool Palettes are organized in a structured workflow. Naviate can be used in English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Object creation
Contains powerful tools to quickly create various types of objects, based on a 2d sketch. Objects can be placed at user defined intervals and orientation and also be extruded along any path. All objects created with Naviate Landscape can be easily edited and updated. With Civil 3D:s native visualisation commands your design can be viewed in 3D while you work in 2D.

Project Management 
Naviate Landscape along with Civil 3D includes commands to export your design to other formats, and with Naviate Properties, the relevant information about the objects can always be connected to the objects.

In this webinar we will present:

  • How to add plant data to object
  • How to present that information in tables
  • How to add your own database to the Plant Data command
  • How to edit plant data property sets

Register for the webinar November 9th here: Naviate Plant data for Landscape (in Swedish)

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