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Naviate January monthly news

The latest news from all Naviate for Revit solutions, invitations to events and other happenings: 2019.1 update 3 versions are available; two new launches; new monthly webinar series; Nordic BIM Summit and we've started a blog!

NEW! Naviate Rebar Extension

Revit 2019.1 Naviate Rebar Extension is now available! Automate the process of generating reinforcement for elements like beams, columns and piles.

NEW! Naviate Landuse

Revit 2019.1 Update 3. Our first version of Naviate Landuse, an application for creating Zoning plans in Revit. The Landuse Ribbon contain tools to create a zoning plan according to regulations. The first version of this application is localised to Norwegian standard only.

NEW! Naviate Daylight

Revit 2019.1 Update 3. Naviate Daylight is now available! Main features include automatically adding and saving of daylight area ratio values per room, displaying daylight ratio results and Daylight Performance Indicator.

Naviate Electrical

Revit 2019.1 Update 3. Main improvements include Draw Cable, Circuit Numbering and Room Drawings.

Naviate Site and Landscape

Revit 2019.1 Update 3. Main improvements include Import Point files, Cut & Fill and Slope Arrows.

Naviate HVAC and Plumbing

Revit 2019.1 Update 3. Main improvements include Split Duct/Pipe, Room Drawings, Connect by Angle and Step.

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