Version 2020.1.5

Naviate Architecture

Updates in Naviate Architecture. Improvements to pattern editor, point file import, quick print and more. 


  • Pattern editor (2020.1.5)
  • Import point files (2020.1.5)
  • New look on general tools
  • Match parameter values (2020.1.5)
  • Renumber elements - pick spline (2020.1.5)
  • Sheet manager - legend manager (2020.1.5)
  • Sheet manager - create sheet from plan view (2020.1.5)
  • Quick print (2020.1.5)
  • Fire & acoustic - write
  • Family Browser - bug fix

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Naviate Architecture

Changes are available both in 2019.1.11 and 2020.1.5 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

Pattern Editor (2020.1.5)

We have made it easier to create and modify patterns by implementing a graphical edit mode and a preview:

  • Edit a pattern line using the new graphical Sketch popup window. Change Angles, X & Y positions, Shifts, Spacings and Line visibilities of each pattern lines by dragging the different lines in the sketch popup window. You can also Redraw a line.

  • See your changes to the pattern in the new Preview panel. The Preview updates automatically when you change either in the graphical Sketch popup window or in the Grid View.

  • Pattern Editor has been moved from Naviate General to Naviate Architecture toolbar

Import Point Files (2020.1.5)

We have made the following improvements:

  • We have improved the tools workflow. Now you can create only the Toposurface, only place the Survey Markers or do both.
  • Added a progress bar to follow up on the Importing process.
  • Added a Report Dialog showing info about the number of imported elements


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Naviate General

Changes are available both in 2019.1.11 and 2020.1.5 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

New look on General tools

We have completed the change of all dialog boxes in Naviate General to a new unified look. In this release the following tools are updated:

  • Merge Parameters
  • Sheet Manager - Create Multiple Sheets
  • Sheet Manager - Update Sheet Scale Parameters
  • Sheet Manager - Update Sheet Format Parameters
  • BCF Manager
  • VIp Export (Swedish version)
  • SOSI Export (Norwegian version)

Match Parameter Values (2020.1.5)

A new tool that allow you to copy values of selected parameters from one element to other elements. You can choose to pick elements one by one or select multiple elements.

Start by selecting the element that has the values you want to copy; the host element. All parameters and their values from the host element are displayed in the dialog box. Choose if you want to pick elements to assign values one by one or select multiple. Select the parameters you want to copy values for. Then start picking elements or select multiple element in the view and return to the dialog box and click Match Values.

There is also a separate tool that allow you to select host element from a linked file. Use this option to copy values from elements in another project.

Renumber Elements – Pick Spline (2020.1.5)

Fixed an issue about numbering using Spline not working if the project don’t contain any Filled Regions types.

Sheet Manager - Legend Manager (2020.1.5)

Get an overview of which Legends that are placed on which Sheets. A new tool to examine on what Sheets a Legend is placed. It also let you to Add or Delete the Legend from Sheets by checking/unchecking in the tree view.

Sheet Manager – Create Sheets from plan views (2020.1.5)

You can now include Schedules and Symbols from the selected template Sheet when creating new sheets.

Quick Print – Print sheets with different sizes and improved UI (2020.1.5)

There is no longer a need for printing Sheets with different size one by one with different printer settings. We added a “Use sheet size” option to Quick Print tool that will detect the Size, Orientation and Margins from each sheet (title block). When using this option, the Size and Orientation from selected Setting is ignored.

We have also changed the user interface and added pre-configured naming settings.

Fire & Acoustic – Write

You can now write to elements within a group if selected parameters allow to vary. We also added a pop-up dialog box that display information while you are picking elements.

Family Browser - bug fix

Improved stability when closing the dialog box while expanding folders.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. SOSI Export and Plan Data.
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