Version 2021.2

Naviate Autopath

Naviate Autopath is available in Naviate 2021.2.


Water & SeWage
  • Naviate Autopath is available in Naviate for Civil 3D 2021.2



  • Copy Property Data between objects with retained/updated property data
  • Union and Subtract solid, with support for property set data
  • Property Alias, translates property names

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Naviate Autopath

Naviate Autopath is available in Naviate 2021.2!

The Ribbon for Autopath has got a new look.


Naviate Road

Updates in Naviate Road. Improvements include; Join Alignments, new command, Import Corridor Settings now scriptable, New Corridor Ribbon Layout and more.

Naviate Landscape

Updates in Naviate Landscape. Improvements include; Edit Plant Data, new command, Create Schedule from Property Sets, Stepped profile saves settings per profile and more.

Naviate Water & Sewage

Updates in Naviate Water & Sewage. Improvements include; Create Service Pipe, new command, Modify Pipes, updated viewport support, Simple Trench now has table styles for Property Set and more.
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