Versions 2019.1.9/2020.1.3

Naviate Daylight

Main improvements include updates to the Daylight Ratio and Daylight Factor functions.


  • Daylight Ratio
  • Daylight Factor

Naviate Daylight

Changes are available both in 2019.1.9 and 2020.1.3 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

Daylight Ratio

We have made the following improvements:

  • Support for modeless functionality.
    Daylight tool runs completely modeless now. This enables you to change your Revit project, like adding a window or selecting another room, while Daylght tool is open and recalculate daylight by clicking the "recalculate" button.
  • 3D Visualization is displayed in a separate window. This allows you to make the 3D visualization full screen.

  • Improvements to the displacement of diagonal oriented/sloped windows in the 3D visualization.
  • Improved the stability of the overall calculation results - Various improvements to the Daylight room/wall area/ratio calculations.
  • Fixed and improved Balcony Filter calculations
    • For SE and NO standards any balcony area above the room will be taken into account, not just the area with the room name containing "balcony".
  • Various improvements to the Danish Daylight Ratio calculation, whereas most reduction factors cannot be lower than 0.5.
  • All local standard specific factors will now be saved to window instance parameters.
  • Several UI/UX issues have been fixed and improved
  • Fixed issues when running Calculations on projects with Groups
  • Fixed issues when creating Element Sections/Elevations
  • Fixed several issues when saving parameters to Elements (Rooms, Windows….)
  • The autofill required values are automatically applied when required ratio parameters are not set as shared parameters in the Revit room properties.

Daylight Factor

  • Required Daylight Factor is calculated per room according to selected local standard.
    This is a minimum Daylight Factor of:
    • 2% for Norwegian standard,
    • 1% for Danish,
    • 1% for Finnish
    • 1% for Swedish standards.
    • 1% for LEED standards

  • Based on Daylight Factor settings the tool calculates the follwing daylight requirements: min/avg/max luminance, min/avg/max daylight factor and uniformity ratio

  • You can select two engines to calculate daylight factor: RADIANCE or ACCELERAD calculation engine.
    • Disclaimer: Dependent on the chosen engine and calculation parameters the daylight factor results might vary.
  • We support setting up custom calculation parameters. Providing the possibility to setup your own accuracy/performance configuration. Using radiance/accelerad parameters is an advanced option, refer to help pages before editing them.

  • Daylight Factor heatmap 3D visualization added.

  • The Revit room parameters now contain properties for saving Daylight Factor values

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. SOSI Export and Plan Data.
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