Naviate for Revit 2019.1 Update 1

Improvements to all products

Family Browser

We have made the following Usability improvements:

  • You can select what size you want to have on the family images
  • You can hide the left-hand side of the dialog box to only see the families in selected catalog structure
  • Folder tab is default when starting the tool
  • Dialog box will have same size and position next time you start Family Browser

3D Zone

We have made some usability improvements:

  • Base & Top level controls now show the height for the Level
  • Base Level is set default from current view (for plan views)
  • Top Level is set to the level above Base Level by default
  • Default Offset is 0
  • You cannot create unnamed or zero-height 3D Zones

Align To Path

We have replaced Place Family tool with Align to Path. This new tool allow you to insert multiple instances of a family along a chain of lines. Man features:

  • Place fixed number of instances evenly along the path
  • Place with fixed distance along the path
  • Keep the rotation of the family or rotate according to line/element
  • Place along chains of lines (including line, arc & splines) or chain of elements (like Walls or Cable Trays)
  • Support for hosted elements; the new instances are hosted to correct element in the selected chain

Start by inserting the family you want to place at or near a chain of lines or elements. The rotation and offset between the inserted family and the path will be used when placing the additional families.

Manage Project

A new Pull Down menu containing existing Naviate tools for managing Revit projects:

  • Warning Handler now in Manage Project pull down instead of own button on Productivity Tools
  • Project Cleanup was formerly Purge Project and has been moved from Publish pull down menu
  • Fixed an issue in Project Clean up where a Primary view could be deleted even though its dependent view should be kept
  • CAD Tracker has moved from Productivity Tools panel
  • Basepoint Explorer & Basepoint Export has moved from Collaboration panel

CAD Tracker

We have made the following improvements:

  • Find out what DWG-links that are inserted into current view only (2D) and which that are available for all views (3D).
  • See what Workset the link is assigned to (when using Worksharing)
  • Quick deletion of multiple CAD-links by selecting multiple rows

Filter Elements, Combine Parameters & Publish

New SaveAs button replaces Duplicate button. New button is removed. Use SaveAs to create a copy of selected setting; you are prompted for name on the new setting.

Create Dependent Views & Quick Dependent Views

We have made the following improvements:

  • Support for illegal characters in Scope box name; they are replaced by _
  • Fixed an issue with error message if for example Project Browser was “active view” when starting the tool; now “active graphical view” is used to create dependent views for

Edit Sheet Parameters

You can now modify View Locations on Sheets for multiple Plan views, Legends & Schedules

Update Sheet Revision Parameters

We have made the following changes to improve performance:

  • Select what Revisions to update to avoid updating unchanged revisions
  • Only update revision if it is set to “Show Tags & Clouds”
  • Possibility to abort update by pressing Cancel in progress bar
  • Option to configure Update Project to update revisions automatically

Improved support for Units in Naviate General and Naviate Architecture

We have made a number of improvements to allow using other length units then mm

  • Edit boxes for entering a length now uses the defined Length unit in Revit
  • Entered value is displayed using the defined Length unit, like 100 mm or 3’ 4”
  • You can enter a length value in any unit by specifying suffix, like 1m or 1’
  • You can use formulas when entering a length value by entering = as prefix, like =1234/5


We have fixed an issue with using Parameter option to select Sheets or Views. You will get either Sheets or Views; not both if the parameter exists on both categories.

Renumber Elements

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused number to be switched on first and second Room when renumbering using Spline.


Naviate Structure

Rebar Numbering

We have added support for Fabric Sheets. If the Partition you analyze contain Fabric Sheet Rebar they will show up as a separate “partition row” in Rebar Numbering. If you use Filter Settings all Fabric Sheet rebar is filtered out unless the Filter Setting only contain Fabric Sheet. When selecting a partition or filter setting containing Fabric Sheets; all Fabric Sheets data is shown in the “rebar” list. You cannot renumber Fabric Sheet since we use the Fabric Number defined by Revit.

Fabric Sheet can be exported to Excel and BVBS. The Excel export uses a specific template for Fabric Sheets. This template can be customized in the same way as the rebar template.

We have also added support for user defined shape codes in Rebar Numbering

The BVBS Export has been improved to include Number for the rebar. It also support exporting 2D Free Form rebar and “non-linear“ varying rebar sets as separate rebar using as suffix on the rebar number. A few other issues has also been fixed.

BVBS Preview

We have made the following improvements:

  • Fabric Sheets can be previewed
  • Rebar Number is shown as a separate column

Update BVBS Code

New tool in the Reinforcement pull down to set the NVBVBSCode parameter on rebar elements. The parameter contain the proper BVBS code for the element and can be transferred to BIMeye for managing rebar fabrication. The parameter was updated on BVBS Export in previous releases. Key features are:

  • Update BVBS Code on rebar element in the project
  • Support for varying rebar sets; writes one row for each rebar

Split Interval

New tool in the Reinforcement pull down to split long straight rebar into fixed length with an overlap. The key features are:

  • Support Rebar and Rebar Sets of straight rebar
  • Define overlap factor that are multiplied with bar diameter
  • Allow picking each rebar/set individually (start split closed to picked point)
  • Allow pre-selecting of multiple rebar/set (split from start point)

Move Rebar & Group Rebar

Free-form Rebar is excluded from Moving Rebar & Group Rebar since it is not supported; before you got an error message

Export to Excel, BVBS & XML

The separate Export tools on Reinforcement Pull Down has been removed. Export are made through Rebar Numbering only.

Pile Insertion

Fixed an issue with updating rotation on mirrored Piles


Naviate HVAC & Plumbing


We have made several improvements to Sprinkler Calculation

  • “Node length” (length between the mid-point of each fitting) is used instead of actual Pipe length from Revit when calculating friction pressure loss
  • It is possible to change the “search radius” in order to analyze systems with big loops. If the analyze of a loop system fails; try to increase the “search radius” by entering a higher value. Note! A high value will impact performance on the calculation. Minimum value is
  • Static pressure loss could before be wrong for risers between floor plans in some
  • Valves in the system are now included in the calculation & report. You can add equivalent length to each valve.
  • The progress bar is moved into main dialog box

Connect by Angle

We have fixed an issue that could cause wrong system on the created Pipe segments

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Cut & Fill

New feature to for example create a building pit. Active toposurface is modified based on selected elements, offsets and slopes. Key features:

  • Adjust toposurface to bottom of selected building element(s)
  • Adjust toposurface to selected Face(s) on elements
  • Adjust toposurface to closed loop of lines by specifying a height for the lines
  • Uses entered cut and fill slopes
  • Option to define vertical and horizontal offset to create a pit slightly bigger then selected elements

Option to remove points on the toposurface inside the selected building element

Align to Path

Added the ability to place a fixed number of families along a chain of lines.

Naviate Simple BIM 2019.2

A new version of Naviate Simple BIM is now available for download with improvements to the Table Palett, Model Placement Editor, Scrips and more.

Naviate 2020.2 for Civil 3D is released! And 2019.5!

Naviate 2020.2 for Civil 3D is now available for download. Same version is released as Naviate 2019.5 for Civil 3D 2019. This version includes a number of new features including an important update of Naviate subassemblies. It also includes a Naviate version for UK and Ireland.
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