Revit 2019.1 Update 4

Naviate HVAC and Plumbing

Main improvements include create zone views.


HVAC and plumbing
  • New look to some tools
  • Filter elements
  • Edit parameters
  • Combine parameters
  • Duplicate dependent views
  • Publish
  • Align to path
  • Colour elements
  • Renumber elements
  • Family browser
  • CAD tracker
  • Excel export/import
  • Project clean-up
  • Merge parameter
  • Update revisions
  • Provision for voids
  • Create zone views



Naviate General

New look on some tools

We have started to update our dialog boxes to a new and unified look. In this update six tools have the new look:

  • Combine parameters
  • Edit parameters
  • Publish
  • Create dependent views
  • Export and import excel
  • Door tools (Naviate Architecture)
  • We will continue to update the look on our tools in coming releases

Filter Elements

We have made following improvements:

  • Find elements that has a certain parameter
  • Automatically saved Filter Settings to easily repeat any of your last five filtering
  • Select multiple elements using Shift or Ctrl for faster selection
  • Added Cancel option to some Progress Bars

Find elements that has a certain parameter

There are two changes to support this. The new “Show only common parameters” check box that allow you to see parameters that only exists on some families. And a new option to “Limit by parameter” that will only show Categories/Families that has the selected parameter.

Naviate general Filter elements certain parameter

Automatically saved Filter Settings

When clicking Filter Elements button to filter out what you have selected - a setting is automatically saved. It is saved in the project per user for later use. Next time you start Filter Elements you can use this setting by selecting “<Recent filter 1>” from the Setting drop down list. Up to five recent settings are saved where <Recent filter 1> always is the latest.

Naviate general Filter elements automatically save settings

It is possible to Save an automatically saved setting as a Named Setting; it will then become available for all users in the project. The <In Session> setting is changed to store the current settings when Closing the dialog box without filter any elements. It is also stored per user in the project.

Select multiple elements

Use Shift & Ctrl keys to select multiple categories, families or types in the tree view. Click on one check box to check all of them. By using this method, you don’t have to wait for the tool to update the list with parameters after every click.

Naviate general Filter elements select multiple elementsNaviate general Filter elements select multiple elements

Edit Parameters

We have made following improvements:

  • Easier to select what parameters (columns) to show
  • Easier to reorder the parameters (columns)
  • Support showing Count column
  • Save configuration as a Revit Schedule
  • Easier to modify text parameters
  • Copy & Paste values on Yes/No parameters
  • Quick filter Element type by typing first letters
  • Drag & Fill (+ button) now support scrolling when reaching the bottom of the dialog box
  • Added Cancel option to some Progress Bars
  • Configured columns and sorting are kept when pressing Update Parameters

Select what parameters to show and reorder the columns

Either right click on a column header or click on the “Config Columns” button to configure what parameters you want to display.

Naviate general select parameters to show

Click and hold on a column header and move it to a new position or use the Up/Down buttons in Config Columns dialog box to reorder.

Support showing Count column

We have made two improvements regarding Count column.

  • When selecting to see Type parameters for a category you have now the option to include a Count column that display the number of elements using the type
  • If you select a Schedule that is defined with a Count column you will get a Count column in the list as well.

Save configuration as Revit Schedule

For many categories you can create a Revit Schedule showing the same parameters as shown in the list. You can open the schedule later to get the same parameters to edit. Note! When saving Type parameters, a Schedule with instances are created.

Easier to modify text parameters

We have made two improvements for editing values on text parameters:

  • Search and replace part of a text in multiple cells
  • Use arrow keys to move between cells and remain in “edit mode”

Naviate general modify text parameters

Combine Parameters

The dialog box has an updated look and it also support using Filter Settings that contain the new “Limit by Parameter” option. Support for using Ctrl/Shift to select categories is also added.

Naviate general Combine parameters

Duplicate Dependent Views

A new tool to copy a set of “cropped” views to another floor plan, for a new revision or for another type of drawings. Select to copy several dependent views from one primary view to other primary views. The copies of the dependent views will get same crop region as the original.

Naviate general create dependent views

Naviate general create dependent views menu bar


It is now possible to export IFC files with Publish. Create one configuration for each IFC file you want to create. You choose View to export, Export Settings and file Name & Location for export.

Naviate general Publish

Align to path

It is now possible to place elements along elements in a linked project.

Naviate general align to path

Colour elements

We reduce the risk of getting elements coloured in the view by mistake when leaving the dialog box. The element overrides are not saved unless you check the “Keep Colour overrides…” check box in the dialog box. The additional dialog box with a question to keep the overrides when closing Colour Elements are removed.

Naviate general Colour elements

Renumber elements

You can now select parameter to use for numbering. The Parameter drop down show built in and Shared Text parameters.

Naviate general renumber elements select parameter

It is also possible to hide the information dialog box about how many elements that will be renumbered when picking many Spline element after each other. Use the “Do not show again” option in the info dialog box.

Naviate general renumber elements hide information

Family browser

The Dialog for selecting Type for families with types defined in an external file now automatically set the size of each column based on the content.

Naviate general family browser

CAD tracker

It is now possible to see and manage linked or imported files that are placed in a “model-in-place” family.

Naviate general CAD tracker

We have also improved performance when switching between or closing projects.

Excel export/import

The dialog box has an updated look.

Naviate general export Naviate general import

Project Clean-up

Panel Schedules are now also deleted when selecting the delete Schedules option.

Merge Parameter

It is now possible to copy parameter values from a “copy” of the project to elements within groups. If the parameter allows to vary in a group, it will be updated; if not you will get a message about “skipped” elements.

Update Revisions

We have improved the tool to not write duplicate texts from the Revision Cloud comments to the Sheet.

Provision for Voids

Scope boxes are now sorted alphabetically in the drop-down menus.


Naviate HVAC and Plumbing

Create zone views

We have added a tool to created dependent views from Spaces that are grouped to a “Zone” by a parameter. This is for example useful when creating views for different departments. This tool has been available in Naviate Architecture and Electrical in previous releases.

Naviate HVAC Create zone views

All adjacent Spaces with same value on the selected parameter will be grouped and a view is created using the boundary of the adjacent spaces. Specify to use inside or outside of spaces (BRA/BTA) and optional offset. As an addition the Area of the “Zone” can be written to a parameter on each Space.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. SOSI Export and Plan Data.
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