Versions 2019.1.8/2020.1.2

Naviate Structure

Main improvements include a new look on many tools and the addition of Naviate Structure for UK. 


  • New look on many tools
  • Naviate Structure UK Version
  • Rebar numbering - British standard
  • Rebar export - UK Version
  • Draw Top/Near and Bottom/Far Symbols UK version
  • Rebar Placement UK version
  • Draw Top/Near and Bottom/Far Symbols
  • Rebar Numbering
  • 3D Zone
  • Family browser
  • Filter elements
  • Edit parameters
  • Transfer calculated values
  • Type symbols
  • Color elements
  • View filter manager
  • Provisions for voids
  • Global IFC class


Naviate Structure

Changes are available both in 2019.1.8 and 2020.1.2 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

New look on many tools

We continue to change the dialog boxes in our tools to a new and unified look.

Naviate Structure new look

In this release the following tools have new look:

  • Reinforcement Tools
  • Rebar Numbering
  • Pile Insertion
  • Pile Extend/Trim
  • Pile Numbering
  • Pile Tag
  • Cut Length

Naviate Structure UK Version

We now release Naviate Structure on the UK Market with a selection of Structural tools that follow British standard and that are applicable to the UK market.

Naviate Structure UK Market

A selection of General tools is also included in UK version of Naviate Structure.

naviate structure uk market general tools

Rebar Numbering – British standard

British standard is supported in Reinforcement Configuration, it detects UK language and use separate setting with appropriate controls.

Rebar Numbering support BS Rebar Shapes and Fabric Sheets, analyze and show their parameters according to the British standard.

naviate structure rebar numbering


Rebar Numbering for UK support revisions using numbers (0, 1, 2...) and using letters (A, B, C..) default are numbers, but if you change on letter for all next revisions letter will be used.

Rebar Export - UK version

Rebar Export for UK version support two form of export, export to BVBS and export to Excel.

Export Excel form according to British standard:

 naviate structure rebar export

Draw Top/Near and Bottom/Far Symbols UK version

Placing End Marks/Symbols which indicate the end of the rebar is according to the British standard.                       

navate structure draw symbols

Rebar Placement UK version

Rebar Placement tool is updating “NVRebarPlacement” parameter with values according to the British standard. For Top layer/Bottom layer NVRebarPlacement parameter has value “T/B” and for Far face/Near face it is “F/N”.

Draw Top/Near and Bottom/Far Symbols

The Cross-annotation symbol that indicate that rebar is bent in the view normal away from "user" now always has vertical orientation towards the reinforcement regardless of reinfocement rotation in view.

Rebar Numbering

We have brought back old functionality where "Name" (Namn) column in Rebar Numbering is also red for each changed rebar in project; indicating that some parameters for the rebar is changed.

naviate structure rebar

We have also fixed an issue with slightly wrong Weight/m and Weight in the Excel and Xml export for 25mm rebar.



Changes are available both in 2019.1.8 and 2020.1.2 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

3D Zone

We have made significant improvements to performance and usability:

  • Much faster to select 3D Zones in Filter Elements and Write Parameters tools
  • Added a progress bar with Cancel option that is visible on all tools where you select a 3D Zone in Filter Elements and Write Parameters tools
  • Filter Elements, Write Parameters and Write All tools now give same result for selected 3D Zone
  • Write Parameters start much faster since no 3D Zone is selected at startup. It is also much faster to select 3D Zone in the tool
  • Create 3D Zones from Floors. The tool now supports creating 3D Zones from Scope Boxes, Filled Regions and Floors; the option to create from Lines are removed.
  • Increased stability with 3D Zones containing circle and ellipse elements
  • Improved input validation to avoid creating improper 3D Zones

Family Browser

You can now update the project with a newer version of a family on disk using the “Load Family” option from the right click menu.

Naviate Update Family Browser

Filter Elements

We have made improvements regarding the default settings when starting the tool. Now “Elements in View” is default and no Categories are selected when starting the tool. The Settings combo box show <Select setting>. Either configure what to filter or:

  • Select <In Session> setting to get the setting you had last time you used Filter Elements and pressed Close button
  • Select any of the <Recent Filter X> settings that are automatically saved when clicking on Select Elements button (the last five settings are saved)
  • Select any of the named settings that has been created in the project
  • Select <Select Setting> to “clear” the dialog box and get back to initial state

We have also made the following improvements:

  • You can resize the dialog box again
  • Improved performance when selecting 3D Zones (see also 3D Zone above)

Naviate Update Filter Elements 

Edit Parameters

You can now show the instance count column for Types without having to include showing read-only parameters

Naviate Update Edit Parameters

Transfer Calculated Values

We have added the ability to copy a Formula or Combined parameter from a Schedule to a parameter on the element with same Type. A calculated Area can for example be calculated to any project parameter of type Area or Text. Before was only Text parameters supported.

Naviate update transfer calculated values

Type Symbols

We have made several changes to improve the tool:

  • It is possible to create multiple legend views with different categories for the same view
  • You can enter a prefix for the names on the legend views that are being created
  • You can see what views or sheets that was pre-selected and that you will create legend views for
  • You can include a Count column that display the number of instances of the type in the view/sheet

Naviate update type symbols

  • The length of the columns is automatically adjusted to the longest text.
  • You can update a legend view by selecting it and running the feature again; the tool remembers the settings used to create it. Additional parameters can be added or removed

Naviate update type symbols 2

Color Elements

Improved UI for creating View Filters.

 Naviate update Color Elements

View Filter Manager

We have improved the stability when changing between projects with the tool open.

Provisions for Voids

All dialog boxes in PfV tools has new look.

Naviate update provisions for voids

Global IFC Class

We have added a “short cut” to the Revit tool for defining what IFC Classes that should be exported for each category in the IFC Pull down.

Naviate Update global IFC

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. SOSI Export and Plan Data.
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