Version 2021.2

Naviate Landscape

Updates in Naviate Landscape. Improvements include; Edit Plant Data, new command, Create Schedule from Property Sets, Stepped profile saves settings per profile and more.


  • Edit Plant Data, new command
  • Create Schedule Tables from Property Data
  • Stepped profile saves settings per profile


  • Copy Property Data between objects with retained/updated property data
  • Union and Subtract solid, with support for property set data
  • Property Alias, translates property names

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Naviate Landscape

Changes are available in 2021.2 and will soon be released for 2020/2019. 

Edit Plant Data (NVQtoEdit)

Edits the property data on one or more objects. If objects had property data applied with Data Manager, then new information from the lists can be added.

The dialog also contains options to “Copy to” that copies the Properties to one or more objects.

Create Schedule (NVScheduleAdd)

Adds a schedule with properties from property set to the drawing.

Edit Schedule Style

Standard AutoCAD command to edit Schedule Report Styles.

Dynamic Update (NVPropDynamic)

A new setting that determines if property set formulas should update automatically when the object changes. This setting is default on, use command NVPropDynamic to set it Off.

Stepped Profile

Now remembers the settings for Station and PVIs for selected Alignment and Reference profile settings for selected Profile.

Naviate Road

Updates in Naviate Road. Improvements include; Join Alignments, new command, Import Corridor Settings now scriptable, New Corridor Ribbon Layout and more.

Naviate Water & Sewage

Updates in Naviate Water & Sewage. Improvements include; Create Service Pipe, new command, Modify Pipes, updated viewport support, Simple Trench now has table styles for Property Set and more.

Naviate Traffic

Naviate Traffic is available in Naviate 2021.2. It is now called Autosign on the Ribbon and has a new Ribbon-look.
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