Versions 2019.1.9/2020.1.3

Naviate Rebar Extension

Main improvements include added ability for dynamic updaters and using Rebar Cover values from selected element.


Rebar extension
  • Naviate Rebar Extention General 
  • Dynamic Updaters
  • Use Rebar Cover values from selected element

Naviate Rebar Extension

Changes are available both in 2019.1.9 and 2020.1.3 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

Naviate Rebar Extension (2020.1.3 only)

We have fixed problems caused by conflict with Autodesk Robot and Naviate Rebar Extension. Now it is possible to install and work with Revit, Robot and REX without any interference.

Dynamic Updaters

We have added the ability to automatically update generated reinforcement when host elements are modified. Dynamic Updaters keeps generated reinforcement up-to-date when changing the geometry, adding openings, join/unjoining elements. This functionality is available for Beams, Columns, Spread Footings and Walls.

You can turn on/off Dynamic Updaters for:

  • A single element, after starting the Rebar Extension tool, clear this option (Dynamic model update) at the bottom of the dialog
  • All elements of a given type in a project, such as all beams in the Naviate Rebar Extensions settings (drop down in Naviate Rebar Extension ribbon panel)

The Dynamic Update is enabled by default for the entire project and for all supported elements.

Use Rebar Cover values from selected element

You can now configure Naviate Rebar Extensions to use rebar cover settings from element in project instead of using default one from the database.

Select what option to use in the drop down in Naviate Rebar Extension ribbon panel:

  • Load cover settings as REX default (old REX behavior)
  • Load cover settings from host element (Revit cover settings from element)

For elements like Beams, Columns, Continuous Footings, Parapets, Pile Caps, Piles and Retaining walls there is only "c" value for rebar cover settings in the tool dialog and that value reads Rebar Cover-Other Faces from elements in Revit.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. SOSI Export and Plan Data.
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