Release Note

Naviate Simple BIM 2019.2

A new version of Naviate Simple BIM is now available for download with improvements to the Table Palett, Model Placement Editor, Scrips and more. 


  • Table Palette: The table palette can now be populated from a group category by dragging and dropping the group category from the Objects palette to the Table palette.
  • Model Placement Editor: Precision for rotation operations increased to 10 decimal places to allow for more precise rotation.
  • Script: When running scripts an additional ModelFile parameter can be given, enabling the integration of Simplebim scripts to the Windows Send To -functionality.   
  • Script: Improvements to GUID map system when splitting models from a script.
  • Script: Improved reporting to log
  • Properties Palette: Now supports the 'file:///' notation for linking any text property to a local file. Double clicking on such a property value opens the linked document. Previously this was working only for URLs, i.e. text values that start with http:, https: or www.
  • IFC Export: Improved auto-correction of invalid representation contexts and sub context during IFC export.
  • Basic Quantities: Improved quantities for covering objects.
  • 3D Window: Visualization of very large objects improved.
  • Table Palette: Significant performance improvement in Column Chooser dialog when working with tables that have a very large number of columns.

We have also done some Bugfixes reported from our customers.

Want to know more?

Download a free trial of Simple BIM here.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

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