Release Note

Naviate Simple BIM version 2019.4.1

A new version of Naviate Simple BIM is now available for download with new features and enhancements; 3D Palette, Table Palette and support for IFC4 Addendum2 TCI

New Features

  • 3D Palette: New navigation mode combining the old orbit and fly navigation modes. With the new navigation mode it is easier to go inside a building and to 'walk' inside buildings. Please note that the old navigation modes are no longer available. More information about the new navigation mode can be found here.
  • Table Palette: Functionality added for copying table tabs. Can be accessed through the context menu of an existing table tab.
  • Objects Palette: Functionality added for saving groups as a template to be re-used with other models
  • IFC Import/Export: Support added for IFC4 Addendum2 TC1. The pervious supported version was IFC4 Addendum1. For more information about the differences between these versions, please consult the BuildingSmart web site..


  • 3D Palette: New options added for adjusting move speed, zoom speed, camera angle and optimization level. Possibility to animate transitions between views added.
  • 3D Palette: Quick Navigation Help updated
  • Table Palette: Improved persisting table layouts when used with models that do not have all the properties used in the layout. Previously such properties (columns) were lost, now they are maintained. For example, if a layout was created with a model that has property A, then used with another model that does not have property A, the layout will show an empty column for property A. When the same layout is later used again with a model that has property A, then the column for property A will be there and work properly.
  • Table Palette: Improved Column Chooser Dialog
  • Basic Quantities: Improved shadow area calculations
  • Basic Quantities: Quantity calculation added for Pile Objects
  • Properties Palette: The Properties palette now remembers the column widths within one session after you adjust the width once yourself
  • IFC Import: Support added for incorrect color definitions in IFC models, i.e. using color component values between 0 and 255 instead of the required 0.0 to 1.0. When the model is exported back to IFC, the color definitions have the correct format.


Want to know more?

Download a free trial of Simple BIM here.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

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