Version 2021.1.1

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Improvements to the ribbon, Add Floor to other Elements, Add Points to Floors, Cloud Family Browser and integrated e-learning.


site & landscaping
  • New look on Naviate Site & Landscaping Ribbon (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Select Elements in Link (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Align Floor to other Elements (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Add Points to Floors (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Create Contours (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Cut & Fill (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Patter Editor (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Cloud Family Browser (2021.1.1 only)
  • Family Browser (2021.1.1 only)
  • Installed content packs (2021.1.1)
  • E-learning integration (2021.1.1 only)
  • Parameter Configuration (2021.1.1 only)
  • Improvements on General updaters (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Align IFC links (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)
  • Bug fixes (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)


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Naviate Site & Landscaping

New look on Naviate Site & Landscaping Ribbon (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

We have re-organised the tools and refreshed the look of the ribbon to make the tools more accessible and easier to use.

Naviate Site and Landscaping new look ribbon

Main changes are:

  • Floor tools have been divided into separate ribbon buttons (Align Floor, Create Floor, and Add Points)
  • Cut & Fill panel has been made more compact and Icons have been refreshed
  • Most tools have new Icons, explaining their function better

Select Elements in Link (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

You can now adjust a toposurface in your project to elements in a linked project. We have added a link selection mode for supporting selection of elements in links for Align Topo, Place Points, and Cut & Fill. You enable or disable the link selection using the “Select Elements in Link” toggle button in the ribbon.

Naviate Site and Landscaping select elements in link

Align Floor to other Elements (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

We have extended the Align Floor tool by enabling alignment of Floors to other elements faces, edges or to lines

Naviate Site and Landscaping Align floors element menu

Naviate Site and Landscaping Align floors element view

Add Points to Floors (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

A new tool for placing sub-element points or split-lines to Floors reflected from Detail or Model lines.

Naviate Site and Landscaping Align points to floors
The main features of this tool are:

  • Simple and fast adding of sub-elements on Floors reflected from Detail or Model Lines
  • Possibility to add sub-element points Relative to Surface and Absolute Elevation
  • Possibility to define the Grade for the sub-elements by defining the Start elevation and Slope
  • Possibility to optimise the sub-element placement to only get needed sub-element points
  • You can select a line (or chain of lines) that spans over multiple Floors and add points to all of them

Create Contours (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

A new tool for adding contour lines to the top surface of Floors.

Naviate Site and Landscaping create contours

The main features of this tool are:

  • Creates Primary and Secondary contour lines for selected intervals
  • Update Contour Lines on a Floor easily by running the tool again

Cut & Fill (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

You can now use Cut & Fill tool on an "open" chain of lines. Select to do a Cut or Fill, or both. Select to do Cut & Fill on Left, Right or Both sides of the open line. We have also added the possibility to define the Start/End elevation or Slope of the select chain of lines.

Naviate Site and Landscaping Cut and fill

Pattern Editor (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

Several improvements have been made on this tool:

  • Easier editing of a pattern by integrating the Edit mode with the main dialog
  • Allow switching between Pattern lines while editing
  • Improved Grid spacing and Zoom functionality to be more precise and easier to use
  • Added support for snapping Pattern lines to content (to other Pattern lines)
  • Several other UI improvements have also been made

Naviate Site and Landscaping pattern editor


Naviate General

Changes are available both in 2021.1.1 and 2020.1.6 if not otherwise stated in headlines.


Cloud Family Browser (2021.1.1 only)

A new way to find and insert Naviate families. You can now find the wanted family by free text search and/or by filtering on Category, Family group, Host type or Parameters.

Main features are:

  • Specify “content packs” to search in depending on installed applications
  • Find families by:
    • Main Category (Model, Annotation, Tags, Details & Profiles)
    • Revit Category – Select categories to see
    • Family Group – Select “sub directories” for viewing specific group of families
    • Family Host – See families based on their host type (Ceiling, Face, Floor, Roof, Wall, etc)
    • Family Parameters – Filter using a subset of common family parameters and their type values
    • Free text search on family name
  • See preview image of family (3 sizes available)
  • See Type information and Parameter values
  • Drag & Drop to insert into your project
  • Update family in you project using “Load Family” button
  • No need to have families installed locally on disc
  • New and updated families can be used immediately without installing updates of Naviate
  • Floating and resizable dialog box with possibility to minimise panels to reduce size on screen

Naviate Cloud Browser

Family Browser (2021.1.1 only)

The existing Family Browser tool is still available for search and insert of any families you have on disc. But since most families has been removed from the content packs you should use new Cloud Family Browser to insert Naviate families.

Installed content packs (2021.1.1 only)

The content packs installed on your computer based on application and region is now much smaller in size since they don’t contain most of the Naviate families anymore. Families that are used by Naviate tools are still installed on your local disc. Most of them are installed as before in the Program-folder. Two tools (Component Browser in Norwegian version of Architecture and Advanced Text tool in Electrical and HVAC & Plumbing) still use families that are installed with the “content packs” in Program Data folder as before. Besides that, the content packs still contain Template files (.rte), Revit Project files (.rvt) containing System Family Types, Schedules, samples and other files used for configuration or PDF-files for help.

E-learning integration (2021.1.1 only)

It is now easy to get more information about each Naviate or Revit tool. As a subscription customer on Naviate you have access to Pinnacle Lite and can access material for Naviate, Autodesk products, Lumion, Enscape, Bluebeam & V-Ray. By using the Pinnacle User tools for Revit you get automatic access to information about the Naviate or Revit tool you use or related tools. Read more about the integration here.

Pinnacle for Naviate integration

Getting started with Pinnacle Lite:

  1. Register and configure users. Information has been sent out to contact person (contract managers) for companies with Naviate Subscription users. More information here.
  2. Login to e-learning portal using your login provided by the administrator of Pinnacle Lite at your company: or use the short cut in Naviate Help pull-down
  3. Download Pinnacle User Tools (available at Home page on portal)
  4. Activate Pinnacle User tools on your computer from your “User Profile” page in the portal by clicking “Activate on this Device”
  5. Start Revit/Naviate and click on a tool and start exploring

Download Pinnacle

Download Pinnacle User Tools (available at Home page on portal)

Activate Pinnacle

Activate Pinnacle User tools on your computer

You can also access the e-learning portal from Naviate Help pull down using the Knowledge Platform option. In the Help pull down you also find a short cut for contacting us via Live Chat. You are redirected to our chat tool where you can enter your personal information, topic of your question and start a chat with us.

Naviate menu with direct link to chat and Pinnacle

Parameter Configuration (2021.1.1 only)

This new tool that let you configure what parameters that Naviate updaters should write to. In this first version we added support for:

  • Shared Elevation
  • Shared Coordinates
  • Door & Window Tools (Naviate Architecture)

In previous versions these tools have been writing to fixed “CQ” parameters. Now you can choose what project parameter that should be used. The settings are saved per project. Select what parameter to use once in your project. Each updater will write to configured parameter. In existing projects, the old parameters are used by default until you change to use another parameter.

Naviate Parameter Configuration menu

Naviate Parameter Configuration list

Improvements on General updaters (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

We have improved updater tools in Naviate General regarding work-sharing and elements in groups. We have made following improvements:

  • Report elements that are locked by other users as excluded
  • Exclude elements that belongs to a Group and have a parameter that cannot vary in a group
  • Avoid locking elements by not updating parameters that already have correct value
  • Avoid reporting elements with parameters that have correct value as excluded even though they are locked or read-only
  • Show a report dialog also when the updater is run “manually”
  • Allow creating a 3D view showing only all excluded elements

The report dialog shows how many elements that was excluded and will allow you to create a 3D view showing only the excluded elements. This option is only available if elements was excluded and the elements are “Model” elements that are visible in 3D views.

Naviate General updaters

Align IFC Links (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

This new tool helps you to move and rotate IFC Links to correct location if they have been exported with a coordinate system not used in the Revit project. This is typically when you link IFC files created by other applications than Revit.

Naviate align IFC links

Bug fixes (2020.1.6 and 2021.1.1)

We have fixed the following issues:

  • Filter Elements: Improved stability for filtering in views and projects containing In-Place elements
  • Color Elements: Now show the Name for Worksets, not the ID
  • Sheet Manager – Create Dependent Views: Improved stability when copy views with modified Crop Regions
  • Sheet Manager – Create Multiple Sheets: Improved stability in Multiple View Mapping dialog box
  • 3D Zone – Write parameters: Dialog box was not closing in some situations
  • Mirror Status - Settings was not saved when changed in Configure from Update Project
  • BFC Manager – User interface improvements when creating New issue using 1.0 format 

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. SOSI Export and Plan Data.
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