Versions 2019.1.9/2020.1.3

Naviate Structure

Main improvements include updates to the configure reinforcements tool, rebar numbering and rebar tagging.


  • Configure Reinforcement
  • Rebar Numbering NX
  • Rebar Numbering - UK Version
  • Tag Rebar
  • Restore personal settings
  • User Interface
  • Family Browser
  • Filter Elements
  • Unhide Elements
  • Edit Parameters
  • Renumber Elements
  • CAD Tracker
  • View Filter Manager
  • Project Cleanup
  • Warning Handler
  • Mirror Status
  • Shared Elevations
  • Shared Coordinates
  • Edit Sheet Parameter
  • Apply Crop Region
  • Quick Print

Naviate Structure

Changes are available both in 2019.1.9 and 2020.1.3 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

Configure Reinforcement (2020.1.3 only)

We have divided the Configure Reinforcement tool into three Tabs and made a few improvements:

  • We have removed End-marks Line settings in Line Styles tab. Now our symbols are using families instead of lines.
  • You can choose what parameter to use for Partition in the Rebar Number Settings Tab to better support Grouping of rebar. Both old Rebar Numbering and new Rebar Numbering NX will use configured partition parameter.
  • You can choose how to number Rebar in Rebar Numbering Tab; per Partition or Globally (use same number or all equal Rebar).

Rebar Numbering NX (2020.1.3 only)

New tool for numbering rebars in project, contains all functionality as "old Rebar Numbering" and improvements regarding a performance and workflow. The existing Rebar Numbering tool is still available, and you chose either one to use.

Main improvements compared to existing Rebar Numbering tool:

  • Major performance improvements. It takes less time to analyze, number, save numbers, apply revisions and export rebars.
  • Better support for two different work flows:
  • Numbering on partition level. Analyze and Number each partition independent one from the other. Two of the same rebars from one project can have different Rebar Number if they belong to different partitions. This is Number by Partition method.
  • Number all equal rebars in project (or part of project) with same numbers. Export rebar per partition. Two of the same rebars (all equal rebars) from project have the same Rebar Number although they belong to different partitions. This is Number all Partitions Globally method.
  • Support for multiple selection of Partitions to Analyze, Number and Export
  • Better presentation of changes on Rebar

You can choose what Rebar Numbering method/workflow to use in Reinforcement Configuration, it is also possible to access to Reinforcement Configuration through Rebar Numbering dialog.

The Rebar Numbering NX Dialog box has three main parts:

1. Filter and Work-set selection.
Here you choose to filter on Worksets or/and what Filter Settings to use for dividing the rebar in the project into smaller parts

2. Partition List
The Partition list show all found partitions for selected Filter Setting / Active Workset. Here you can:

  • Analyze the selected Partition(s) to see which rebar that is equal
  • Number rebar for selected Partition(s). In case that Number Globally method is chosen, numbering is available only for <All partitions>; not for each Partition.
  • Save Number to configured number parameter for selected Partition(s)
  • Edit Schedule Info for selected Partition(s)
  • Export selected Partition(s)

3. Rebar / Fabric Sheet List
After you have analyzed a partition you can examine the Rebar or Fabric Sheets in selected partition.

After you have made changes in the Model you can Analyze the partition again. All changes will be displayed; you see what parameter that has changed, and you get a tooltip showing previous value.

Rebar Numbering - UK version

We have improved the Rebar Numbering Export to Excel for UK version by adding weight calculation for each position/Bar mark and Total weight for each page.

Export to Excel Weight column is added and Total weight for each page:

Draw Top/Near (Bottom/Far) Symbols (2020.1.3 only)

We have made significant improvements to performance and usability:

  • Top/Near and Bottom/Far symbols on reinforcement are now created as individual Symbols instead of a Detail Groups. This improves performance.
  • You now select the Rebar to update Symbols or to Flip Endmarks
  • You can now add Symbols to FreeForm Rebar

Tag Rebar (2020.1.3 only)

Use the new Tag Rebar tool to tag all rebar sets in a view that have one rebar visible. Tag and distribution line will be placed automatically. Distribution line will be placed through the middle of the visible rebar in set, and tag will be placed near the visible rebar. If there are multiple rebar sets that share the same distribution (top/bottom), distribution lines will be placed on top of each other and both tags are visible.



Changes are available both in 2019.1.9 and 2020.1.3 if not otherwise stated in headlines.

Restore personal settings

We have removed the question about “Restoring personal settings of Autodesk Revit” after an install or update of a Naviate application. The settings are automatically restored.

Note! As before, Revit needs to be restarted to use the restored settings.

User Interface

You can now Minimize all floating dialog boxes.

Resizable dialog boxes can be Maximized to screen (and Restored).

Family Browser

We have added a new button to make the dialog smaller by hiding the left side of it. The Collapse to Left button will keep the position of the left side of the dialog box while collapsing it.

Filter Elements

We have made a few improvements:

  • Improved Performance when filtering on Parameter values
  • Fixed an issue with families without name. 

Unhide Elements (Only 2020.1.3)

A new tool for quickly reveal elements hidden in current view.

Edit Parameters

We have made a few improvements:

  • You can now edit Workset on elements. The Workset property is displayed for work shared projects and you can change value on multiple elements for example using Copy & Paste or “+ drag”.
  • It is now possible to Copy and Paste multiple Cells from multiple Columns
  • Use “+ Drag” to copy from one column to multiple columns
  • Values are rounded according to Units in Revit

Renumber Elements (only in 2020.1.3)

You can now specify the start when using a Spline to renumber elements. Click near the wanted start point when picking the spline.

The used direction is shown, and you have an option to “reverse” the order, after picking the spline.

CAD Tracker

We have made several improvements:

  • You can now examine in which Views and Sheets that a CAD file is displayed more easily since they are displayed in a tree view organized according to Project Browser settings.
  • You can see the File Size to identify files that might impact the performance in the project
  • You can see when the file was Last Changed to make sure you use the latest version
  • We have also improved the performance when opening the tool.

If you want CAD Tracker to identify “2D Imports or links” that have been inserted in a in-place family, you should enable the “Show 2D CAD files” option.

View Filter Manager

You can now examine in which Views and Sheets that a View Filter is used more easily since they are displayed in a tree view organized according to Project Browser setting.

Project Cleanup

It is now possible to delete all unused View Templates when cleaning up the project

Warning Handler

Fixed issue with work sharing when multiple users run the tool in same project simultaneously.

Mirror Status (Only in 2020.1.3)

This new tool helps you to identify which elements that has been mirrored in the project. The tool writes different values to selected parameter for selected categories depending on if the element is mirrored or not.

You can also configure Project Update to run this parameter updater on a certain occasion.

Shared Elevations

It is now possible to get the Shared Elevation on all MEP elements. Top and Bottom elevations or Elevation for Insertion Point is written to each element.

Shared Coordinates

You can now add Shared Coordinates to more Categories. All loadable family categories available in the project can have shared coordinates added to them. The Shared Coordinate for the insertion point is saved on those elements.

Edit Sheet Parameters

It is now possible to change the location of Schedules and Section View on Sheets in the same manner as for Plan and Legend Views.

Apply Crop Region (Only in 2020.1.3)

This new tool allows you to copy a Crop Region to multiple Views to make sure they show the same part of the building.

The tool supports all Plan and Sections Views; not only dependent views.

Quick Print (Only in 2020.1.3)

Print pre-selected Sheets quick. A new tool to for faster printing of a selection of Sheets

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. SOSI Export and Plan Data.
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