Changes to Naviate support from January 1st 2021

A new naming on our Naviate services.



Naviate licenses

From the 1st of January we are changing the naming on our Naviate services. Your Maintenance and/or Rental licenses will also reflect that change. The new name for support will be Naviate Standard.

How does this affect my license?

  • You will receive your invoice with a new name; from Naviate Bronze and Naviate Silver to Naviate Standard
  • The price is the same as before (standard LCI increase will be added)

What's included in the agreement?

Symetri e-learning

As a Naviate subscriber you have access to Symetri e-learning.

What is Symetri e-learning?

If you haven't activated your access, please do so to not miss out on

  • Videos: explaining and showcasing use of different functions and shortcuts
  • Search engine: making it easy to find the answer to a particular question
  • Mobile app: always-on access regardless of location
  • Suggestions for Learning Paths
  • Cheat sheets, tips and tricks as well as Q&A

New access to help files for 2021 licenses for Naviate Revit

If you have Naviate for Revit 2021 licenses, please note that you will need to have access to Symetri e-learning to get access to helpfiles from the release now in December 2020.

How can I get started?



Affects all Naviate for Revit products on 2021

We have encountered an issue with our latest Naviate update 2021.1.3. You are not able to start new BIM 360 project – using "Collaborate” for Revit. The same goes for linking files, using “Link Revit – External Resources”

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Highlights includes the new features Compound Layer Tagging and Align Profile.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Highlights includes Update Project for management and write.
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