Changes to Naviate support from January 1st 2021

A new naming on our Naviate services.



Naviate licenses

From the 1st of January we are changing the naming on our Naviate services. Your Maintenance and/or Rental licenses will also reflect that change. The new name for support will be Naviate Standard.

How does this affect my license?

  • You will receive your invoice with a new name; from Naviate Bronze and Naviate Silver to Naviate Standard
  • The price is the same as before (standard LCI increase will be added)

What's included in the agreement?

Symetri e-learning

As a Naviate subscriber you have access to Symetri e-learning.

What is Symetri e-learning?

If you haven't activated your access, please do so to not miss out on

  • Videos: explaining and showcasing use of different functions and shortcuts
  • Search engine: making it easy to find the answer to a particular question
  • Mobile app: always-on access regardless of location
  • Suggestions for Learning Paths
  • Cheat sheets, tips and tricks as well as Q&A

New access to help files for 2021 licenses for Naviate Revit

If you have Naviate for Revit 2021 licenses, please note that you will need to have access to Symetri e-learning to get access to helpfiles from the release now in December 2020.

How can I get started?



Naviate Landscape

News and improvements include; Plant Data, Create Subsurface and Simplified Surface Breaklines. Changes are available in 2021.3, 2020.13 and 2019.23.

Naviate Road

News and improvements include; Simplified Surface Breaklines, Create Piles & Sheet Piles and Delete Duplicates. Changes are available in 2021.3, 2020.13 and 2019.23.

Naviate Pipe

News and improvements include; Pipe Multi-Labels, Objects from Network and Simple Trench (Naviate Property). Changes are available in 2021.3, 2020.13 and 2019.23.
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