Nordic BIM Summit 2019

Welcome to Nordic BIM Summit!

28-29 March in Stockholm

Welcome to Nordic BIM Summit 2019, where we explore new technology and the latest trends that are influencing the building and infrastructure industry, share best practice and find out how we can utilise future development. Save the date and book your ticket today!

Why should you attend the Nordic BIM Summit?


  • Pick the brains of the people driving change in your field and network with industry peers
  • Get updates on the latest trends in your industry
  • Find out what the future holds and how you can utilise current developments
  • Impact future product development
  • Enjoy good company, food and entertainment


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  • What: An event for the building and infrastructure industry about the present and future of BIM and digitalisation
  • Where: Quality Hotel Friends, Stockholm
  • When: Thursday 28 March 10:00 -17:00 followed by optional dinner and party to 23:00 and Friday 29 March 09:00 - 15:00



Naviate Simple BIM 2019.2

A new version of Naviate Simple BIM is now available for download with improvements to the Table Palett, Model Placement Editor, Scrips and more.

Naviate 2020.2 for Civil 3D is released! And 2019.5!

Naviate 2020.2 for Civil 3D is now available for download. Same version is released as Naviate 2019.5 for Civil 3D 2019. This version includes a number of new features including an important update of Naviate subassemblies. It also includes a Naviate version for UK and Ireland.
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