Naviate Nexus Portal features

Building up an IT infrastructure on construction projects that allows all participants to work together based on the industry-adopted standards is still complicated. This is where Naviate Nexus Portal simply and efficiently can make these standards a natural part of the construction process and not just a project requirement.


Structure data according to the standards that the project requires. You can apply multiple standards at the same time and Naviate Nexus shows you the relationship between multiple classification standards. This makes it easy to ensure the same high data quality every time.

Create type and instance IDs

Work with types and instances in the Nexus Portal to unambiguously identify building elements. Link the types to objects in the building model or create additional IDs that only exist in the Nexus Project but are still included in the overall data summary.

Properties and Parameters

Make sure the project is using standardized Properties and work with them translated into several languages. The predefined values ensure the data quality, even in Revit. Get full control over the Shared Parameters across all models without managing files manually.

Naviate Community

Connect and interact with other Naviate users in the Naviate Community. Product instructional videos and documents, FAQ. discussions and more.