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View Filter Manager - time saver when managing projects in Revit

23 September 2021

The Naviate for Revit add-ons include features that help productivity, documentation, collaboration, managing projects. That of course in the end will save time. We have a lot of feature in Naviate and it’s always a challenge to give them the attention they should have. Today I would share with you some insight on the capabilities you will find in our “View Filter Manager” feature, one of several features that helps you managing your project in an efficient way. “What Views and View templates are used in my View Filters”

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Edit parameter values on multiple elements with Naviate for Revit

09 September 2021

What if you could manage all type and instance parameters in your Revit model in one user interface. Would you use it or not? It’s as powerful tool and no rooms for errors, but then again a very efficient way to manage the projects parameters, cross multiple project. For some years ago we introduced the feature “Edit parameters Value” a feature that allow you to edit all Instance and/or Type parameters on multiple elements using a spreadsheet user interface. We will now give you a deep dive on how to use this powerful tool.

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