Release news Naviate for Civil 3D

Naviate Pipe 2023.2 release

Updates in Naviate Pipe. News and improvements include; Create  Network from Multiple Polylines.

Naviate Pipe 2023.2 release

Changes are available in 2023.2. and 2021.22

Import Corridor Settings

Import Corridor Settings works with Civil 3D 2023.2.

Create Network from Multiple Polylines

Create Network from Multiple Polylines now supports Auto-Corridor featurelines.


  • LeftMostPipe in Pipe-Subassemblies now works OK
  • All Pipe-subassemblies now create a hardcoded Cut-Shape
  • Modify Pipe Slope does correct with one pipe
  • Modify Pipe Slope, Set Min Slope and Service Pipe can now handle slope set in 1:X format
  • Align Fillet handles existing curves better
  • NVPipeNetworkToDWG now works with non-circular structures
  • Offset Pipe Network now remembers Start Command, and a new start-command “Project to Profile VIew “ has been added.
  • Create Network from Multiple Polylines now has Network as empty when starting the command
  • Parallell Elevation dialog has been reworked to make more sense

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