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Naviate Site & Landscaping March Release 2021

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping with Delete Points.

Naviate Site & Landscaping March Release 2021

Delete Points

Easier to delete topo points within or around the footprint of elements.

We have extended and improved the delete points functionality by allowing you to select an element footprint and based on it delete topo points around, within and/or on the perimeter of the element footprint.

We have made the following changes:

  • Provided possibility to define the topo deletion area by selecting element footprints
  • Provided support to select elements face, bottom, top or edge and use as a reference for topo point deletion
  • Added functionality to define the deletion area by setting the offset from the selected footprint
  • Added functionality to delete points inside, outside, on the perimeter only or all points within the deletion area
  • Added support for multiple element selection
  • Added support for link selection

Bug fixes

We have fixed the following issues:

  • Cut and Fill: Fixed performance issues when running with Lines and Elevation tool
  • Cut and Fill: Fixed issue when creating a Cut or Fill with the "Element Bottom" and "Face" tool
  • Cut and Fill: Fixed issues with unit conversion
  • Delete/Reset Points: Fixed issues when deleting/resetting points inside of a circle
  • Create Floors: Fixed issue when creating Floors from Sub Regions
  • Align Profile: Fixed issue when Sub Regions are present on the topography
  • Align Profile: Fixed UI issues when showing Profile type names
  • Align Tools: Fixed UI/UX issues with the Level of Detail slider functionality