Norsk Konstruksjonsrådgivning AS

Steinkjer cultural centre is a multiple functional building housing a library, a cinema, big hall, museum, dance hall, and a café. The building is set to be finalised summer of 2023.

Employer of the project is Steinkjerbygg AS. Property development is delivered by Veidekke Entreprenør and Grande Entreprenør. The design of the building is done by Pir II and Praksis Arkitekter.

The whole ground floor will consist of cast-in-place concrete elements, with all reinforcement being delivered without drawings, only by 3D-reinforcement. The rest of the building will mainly consist of pre-fabricated concrete.

Norsk Konstruksjonsrådgivning AS Tore Bjørk CEO
With Naviate we save time and money in our projects. It also ensure that we can deliver the quality our customers demand. Without Naviate we would have to work more to deliver the same results.
Tore Bjørk
BIM Manager

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