Tyréns Group

Tyréns Group is a multidisciplinary consultancy targeting market leadership and delivery of sustainable solutions, with focus on urban development and infrastructure.

The project is to design the 20 km new road section in southern Stockholm to connect the center parts of the area, Haninge, Flemingsberg, and Kungens kurva / Skärholmen. Together with bypass Stockholm and Norrortsleden, an outer ring road is formed around Stockholm. The purpose of the new road is to create a route that is safe and efficient, both for freight traffic and for passenger cars, public transport and cyclists. The 20 km highway project has involved about 300 engineers, includes 8 interchanges, 80 bridges and 5 km tunnel.

Tyrens Group Magnus Svensson Sq2
The Naviate Road tools allow us to create a workflow to distribute and update our Assemblies and Corridor settings in our large projects. The tools allow us to make sure that everyone uses the correct versions and settings. The scripting abilities make it easy to update the full project after any changes to our Assemblies or Corridor settings and Symetri has been very helpful in adding new features to improve our workflows
Magnus Svensson
BIM & Application Strategist

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