Gårda Vesta is an office building in Gårda, Gothenburg. It contains two buildings with 15 and 26 floors. It will be finished in 2021 and will be the first WELL building in Gothenburg. The developer is Platzer Fastigheter and the contractor is PEAB Sweden. VBK is the head designer and the architect are White Architects. The most important part of a building with this height is the stabilization system and the foundation. Therefore, much time has been spent to design the main stabilizing concrete core. The highest building of these two is almost 100-meters high so there is much wind force to take care of in the concrete core.

The foundation is always expensive in Gothenburg because of high depth with clay in the ground. To solve the foundation, we used about 530 concrete piles to solid ground which is about 50-70 meters below the basement floor.

VBK Gårda Vesta Rasmus Sylvén
There are many benefits to Naviate. As a designer, you are faced with many different challenges in finding the best and most effective solution for the customer, whether it is rebuilding or new construction. Naviate gives you the keys to be successful. Provision for void has been such a key feature that has facilitated our work regarding control calculation of the stabilizing concrete cores in the two house bodies with regard to holes for pipes, ventilation and electricity through them.
Rasmus Sylvén
Project Manager

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