YourCad Ltd

YourCAD is a BIM outsourcing company based in the north of England providing BIM resources across the UK. Specifically working within the Mechanical & Electrical services industry, the company provides an increased capacity, or whole department resource to its clients.

Routinely YourCAD receives a already in progress BIM project and further increases its Level of Development in line with project requirements and delivering a Digital Twin & COBie data delivery for building life maintenance and further through life development.

Yourcad Adveco PPR Matthew Cunliffe
The deployment of Naviate HVAC at YourCAD has markedly reduced project delivery times. Key components have been project set up and sheet reproduction on a previous companies model. The Manage Parameters function and Excel Import/Export has also made COBie production a lot less painful! Naviate has been able to reduce timeframes allowing us to provide a more efficient service to our clients.
Matthew Cunliffe
Director & BIM Consultant

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