Naviate Rebar Extension: Known Issues

Rebar created with REX doesn’t use Shape Codes according to “local” standard

Solved in 2020.1.4

REX should create rebar with shape codes for the “standard” you are using in the country. Today the tools in REX uses “REX certified” shape codes.  Shape codes defined in the project are ignored.

Max Length on Beams do not work

Solved in 2020.1.5

The Lmax values is set to and it has default number if the Rebar Shape is not a “REX Shape” (value not found in database. And when entering a number with more than 4 digits the tool hangs. Revit is not reacting.

Dynamic model updated is not working

In Dynamic model updater is not working I Naviate REX 2019, reinforcement can not be updated atomically after change of geometry. It is for Beams, Walls, Columns, Spread Footings.

Reinforcement is generated as single rebar for Beam and columns

Main Bars for Beams are generated as single, they should be grouped (this cause problem with tagging).

Use Rebar Cover from the selected element

The Rebar Cover you specify on structural elements in Revit are not used by REX tools. Instead you have to specify “c” values in dialogs (c, cT, cB, cX, cY)

Automatic Reinforcement Generation -Slab Corners

If you use  „Automatic Reinforcement Generation“ reinforcement for „Slab Corners“  will not be generated (it works as a separate function). All functions/tools that we have should be implemented in „Automatic Reinforcement Generation“.

Automatic Reinforcement Generation – Piles

Using Automatic Reinforcement Generation reinforcement for Piles will not be generated for different piles ( different family, different type) in a project - it works only if the piles are the same.

To reinforce multiple piles is possible only if the piles are the same.

Save value for Standard Effective Diameter in Interference of reinforcement bars tool

You have to change the value every time you run the tool. And standard effective diameter should be 0,5. default value.

Slab Opening tool should work on Slab Openings; not only Floor Openings

Today the tool only works on “by Face” openings on a Floor. If you select a similar opening on a Slab you get an error message that the element is not supported.

Walls: Add a Reinf. Type for placing Vertical rebar outside

Today you can only specify that the Horizontal rebar is 1. Layer placed outside, and Vertical rebar is 2. Layer placed inside. It is not possible to have opposite situation, Vertical outside and Horizontal inside. 

Wrong rebar creation for some piles and columns

Chamfered rectangular columns and some round columns/piles will not get correct rebar. See image

Support more kind of pile caps

Some Pile Caps families are not recognized by the Pile Caps tool and you get a message that the element isn’t supported.

Supported Pile Caps families: Pile Cap family should contain geometry for the pile cap and nested families for the pile(s). The geometry for the pile cap should be one element (extrusion) only; elements for cutting out part of the geometry is not allowed. Rectangular and “triangular” shapes are supported by REX Pie Cap tool.

The Pile cap family needs to have a <family type> parameter that are associated to the pile(s). The Pile family needs to be defined as "Shared".

Slab Corner tool don’t recognize all corners of some floors or slabs

Today not all corners are identified on slabs or floors with “irregular” geometry.  Seems like for example all corners with angel < 45 and > 135 are ignored. This is probably as designed.

Slab Opening tool should work different kind of openings; not only “Floor opening cut” created using “By Face” option

Today the tool only works on “by Face” openings on a Floor. If you select a similar opening on a Slab you get an error message that the element is not supported.

Support ending type (closing U-bars) on vertical rebar for Walls

You can define to add a rebar to the end of horizontal rebar for a wall. But not on vertical rebar.

Add selecting more End Types to vertical rebar.

Add Center Dowels on all sides on Walls

Today it is possible to configure two kind of Dowels to add to the Wall. Add another option to use a Center Dowel Type.

Wall with variable height

REX doesn't recognise variable height for walls.It will reinforce it as it is straight wall.

Support adding more rebar shapes to Spread Footing

Today you can only configure to add straight rebar to footings. We should have the possibility to use C, L or “closed” rebar shapes.

Slab Openings: Constructional bars don’t follow Layers (Major Direction) from slab/floor

First Layer for Constructional bars (open Stirrup) is always in Y direction and second Layer is always in X direction.



*Slab has X as Major direction

Missing  Modify, Delete and  Preference

There are Modify and Delete tools in old Autodesk Extension. Those tools Modify/Delete any function from application. For example you can modify Reinforcement of column with "Modify" tool don't need to invoke again "Columns" tool (click Modify than element and appropriate dialog is opened).

Due some porting things, we don't have have this tools in our REX application.


Preference from should have only part with reinforcement.

REX 2018 had part with steel elements, we have only reinforcement generation.


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