Naviate Troubleshooting

Extensions encountered a problem

Some computers with Revit 2021 and the extension installed experience an error message.

If you get a message like this on any of the tools in Naviate Rebar Extension 2021 ?



You should run the Modify or Delete command from Naviate Rebar Extension Ribbon, to invalidate this error.


Troubleshooting - Schema Conflict

Some users on Naviate for Revit, get the following message when opening a project:

naviate schema conflict when loading a file

This message informs that the file you try to open has a different schema (a set of parameters used in Naviate Filter) compared to the previous opened project.

This is typically the case when opening a project (House A) that was last saved some months ago (when using an older version of Naviate that did not have the feature that saves the 5 last Filter Setting automatically).

Revit always remembers the settings from the previous project, so after opening this project (House A), by opening a newer Project the message can appear again.

The Solution to solve the Conflict is to Detach & Create a New or Override Central File of the oldest project.

An example explaining the difference between Naviate 2019.1.1 & 2019.1.11:

naviate scheme conflict override 1

naviate scheme conflict override 2

naviate scheme conflict override 3

Naviate REX cuts off my beam-reinforcement

For some reason my Naviate REX cuts off my beam-reinforcement when the beam is lying f.ex. 30cm on a wall opening.



REX automatically divides stirrup distribution in field (between support) and stirrup distribution above support. To add stirrups above support it is needed to activate this left check-box ("Left support ") and define distribution of stirrups in "SL" (spacing) .




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