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Digital learning with Symetri e-learning - your way to the best Naviate learning experience

Symetri e-learning is available for free for all Naviate subscription users. Many of us are used to work in teams and project groups, having our colleagues close by and by that easy access to knowledge. Now many of us are working from home and getting a fast track to knowledge, guidance and help is not that easy or at least limited.

Symetri e-learning supports all users to learn new functions at their own pace and thus increase productivity as well performance. The supporting functions within the tool secures that your users have easy access to:

  • Videos: explaining and showcasing use of different functions and shortcuts
  • Search engine: making it easy to find the answer to a particular question
  • Mobile app: always-on access regardless of location
  • Suggestions for Learning Paths
  • Cheat sheets, tips and tricks as well as Q&A

Read more about Symetri e-learning here.

Onsite learning with skilled and experienced practitioners

We offer instructors with broad technical expertise and professional training facilities equipped with the very latest software and technology. Everything from scheduled basic and advanced courses as well as company specific and in-house trainings is an option, you decide based on your needs.




Our local learning offerings

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