Pinnacle Lite for Naviate

New login for you who have access to Pinnacle Lite

Pinnacle Lite supports all users to learn new functions at their own pace and thus increase productivity as well performance. In Naviate you will have direct access to these resources and our own support chat.



One common Symetri login

If you have access to Pinnacle Lite, you now have a new login to Pinnacle. The login is now connected to Symetri Single Sign On (SSO).

This SSO process secures a common login ID for you on all Symetri platforms once everything is ready. Pinnacle Lite users are first with this new login.

Workflow to get started with the new login



Pinnacle login

In Pinnacle

  • Start Pinnacle as usual
  • You will see your email address and chosen language
  • When you click 'login', you will be forwarded to Symetri SSO



Symetri login and sign up

In Symetri SSO

  • If you haven't signed in to Symetri SSO before, you will need to create a new login
  • Select the 'Sign up' tab and fill in your information
  • All fields are mandatory
  • Confirm the information with 'Sign up'
  • Note: If you have a Naviate member portal login (knowledge base and downloads on Naviate website), you can login with these credentials



Verification email

  • You will receive an email to verify your email address
  • You will not be able to login to Pinnacle before you verify your email address
  • Once you verify, you will get a confirmation that your account is verified


Pinnacle login with Symetri SSO

Pinnacle login

  • You can now go back to Pinnacle and log in
  • You will now be logged in through Symetri SSO





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