Naviate Revit webinar series

Meet our experts. Demo and Q&A on the new Naviate Rebar

Here you can get an overview of Rebar, upcoming releases and the roadmap for development


This is a recording from a live webinar December 1st 2022, with the following topics:

  • 00:01 Introduction: welcome, presenters, agenda, practical information, About Naviate
  • 03:41 Demo of current Naviate Rebar offering
  • 16:06 Upcoming releases in Naviate Rebar
  • 24:00 Roadmap for Naviate Rebar
  • 29:33 Q&A session
  • 45:34 Resources and thank you


Jan Tore and Hans will be your facilitators for this webinar

Jan Tore Bugge
Jan Tore Bugge

Jan Tore Bugge is the Product Manager of Naviate for Revit. Jan Tore has many years experience from the computer tech industry within the AEC field. With a passion for helping people implement better workflows and methodology for a quality outcome, he will write on the Naviate blog to share his experience and thoughts.

Hans Zandhoff
Hans Zandhoff

Hans Zandhoff is the Technical Manager of Naviate for Revit. Hans is a structural engineer, with long experience from the industry, both on projects in companies like Cowi, and as a senior advisor consultant at Symetri. He knows Revit and Naviate by heart, and are familiar with the challenges you as an engineer face in your work.

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