Free Access to Pinnacle Lite for Naviate Subscription Users

We are committed to supporting you and your business as you adjust to the current situation. One challenge that many of our customers share is the need to have timely access to colleagues, experts and in other ways solve issues or questions on how to handle tools and software. The need for continuous training and support is becoming an even more important factor to stay competitive.

How we´ll support you

We are now offering access to Pinnacle Lite to all Naviate users. This means users will have access to the Pinnacle Series for Autodesk as well as Naviate. For Naviate, new training material and instructions will be updated continuously.

For those on a Naviate subscription:

  • Offer is included in your subscription starting April 2nd.
  • It will encompass all your users with a valid subscription.
  • Your number of Pinnacle Lite users will be equal to the number of subscribed Naviate licenses"

For those with a maintenance license for Naviate

  • You get access to Pinnacle Lite free of charge during 2020.
  • In 2021 we can offer you a Naviate subscription where Pinnacle Lite will be included in the offering or we can offer you access separately, for a charge.

For those with a mix of maintenance licenses and subscriptions

  • All users will have access to Pinnacle Lite in 2020.
  • In 2021 the usage will continue to be included for subscription users
  • For maintenance users we can offer a separate access to Pinnacle Lite, for an annual fee.
  • We can of course move all maintenance users into a subscription model.

Naviate users will receive an email from Pinnacle with login information. If you do not receive and email please contact:

  • Sweden: Martin Burrows,
  • Norway: Per Ole Otterness,
  • Denmark: Henrik Munk Madsen,
  • Finland: Jyrki Petsalo,
  • United Kingdom: Jon Hind,

Why now?

Many of us are used to work in teams and project groups, having our colleagues close by and by that easy access to knowledge. Now many of us are working from home and getting a fast track to knowledge, guidance and help is not that easy or at least limited.

About Pinnacle










About Pinnacle

Pinnacle Lite supports all users to learn new functions at their own pace and thus increase productivity as well performance. The supporting functions within the tool secures that your users have easy access to:

  • Videos: explaining and showcasing use of different functions and shortcuts.
  • Search engine: making it easy to find the answer to a particular question
  • Mobile app: always-on access regardless of location.
  • Suggestions for Learning Paths.
  • Cheat sheets, tips and tricks as well as Q&A.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Improvements to the ribbon, Add Floor to other Elements, Add Points to Floors, Cloud Family Browser and integrated e-learning.

Naviate Architecture

Updates in Naviate Architecture. Improvements to Curtain Grid Designer, Pattern Editor, Cloud Family Browser and e-learning integration.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Improvements include a new look on the ribbon, Rebar Numbering, Cloud Family Browser and e-learning integration.
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