Naviate Landscape

Design your surroundings more efficiently with elevation editing commands, volume calculation methods and visual styles and templates.

Customised for landscape architects & engineers

Naviate Landscape comes with both templates and settings files that conform to Scandinavian national standards. The settings and visual representations are created to match the standard look of todays drawings and are also open for the user to edit. Naviate can be used in English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Efficient landscape design
3D modelling

Object creation

Naviate Landscape contain powerful tools to quickly create various types of objects, based on a 2d sketch. Objects can be placed at user defined intervals and orientation and also be extruded along any path. All objects created with Naviate Landscape can be easily edited and updated. With Civil 3D:s native visualisation commands your design can be viewed in 3D while you work in 2D.

Project management

Naviate Landscape along with Civil 3D includes commands to export your design to other formats, and with Naviate Properties, the relevant information about the objects can always be connected to the objects.

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Plant data

Applies plant data to any object by reading property data from any CSV-file and stores it as property set.


Creates a dynamic line-set from an offset and difference in elevation from a selected polyline.

Edit Elevations by Values

Raises or lower vertexes on a Feature Line and Civil 3D points by entering values for Raise/Lower, Difference, Grade, Slope, Elevation or Interpolation.

Edit Elevations by Scroll-wheel

Raises or lowers vertexes on a Feature Line or Civil 3D points by scrolling on the mouse wheel or by setting a fixed elevation, and automatically rebuilds connected surfaces.

Find and Replace Subassembly Values

Raises or lower vertexes on a Feature Line and Civil 3D points by entering values for Raise/Lower, Difference, Grade, Slope, Elevation or Interpolation.

Export corridor feature lines

Exports selected feature lines/subassembly codes in a corridor to a coordinate-file or to feature lines, including the ability to use a translation file ro rename codes and layers.

Trusted by professionals

Martin Olsén
The Naviate Landscape tools are really assisting us in creating the models and information we need. I especially appreciate the Elevation tools and the Dynamic Line Sets that allow me to work in 2D and still rapidly and easily model in 3D. Also, the Plant Data function and the Property Set tools assist me in setting up the quantification analysis’ and reports. And that all these data work perfectly when moving over to Navisworks is really great!
Martin Olsén

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