Naviate Rebar

Automate the process of generating reinforcement for elements like beams, columns and walls.

Automates the process of generating reinforcement

Select the structural concrete element to be reinforced and use the feature connected. Specify the settings to be used when reinforcing the element. Apply reinforcement on the element or select more elements and apply the same settings on it. You can run a feature from Naviate Rebar and select multiple elements of the same category, specify the settings to be used for creating rebar and apply reinforcement on all selected elements.

Save time with workflows
Apply to multiple elements simultaniously

Save configuration as named settings

Save the configuration as named settings and apply it on multiple elements in work-shared project or in single user project. Modifying named setting changes will apply on all reinforcement created with those named settings.

Save as named settings
Apply to all with same settings

Key functionalities Rebar

Create reinforcement using Modeless (floating dialog)

Based on predefined settings, perform automatic generation of reinforcement for standard concrete elements as beams, columns or walls. You can switch to any view and revise created reinforcement or use other Revit features.

Apply reinforcement on multiple elements

Apply configured reinforcement on multiple elements of the same category, selected elements can have different type, size, height or length.

Use rebar data from project

Rebar types, shape codes, hooks and element cover settings from the project are recognized and used for rebar creation.

Reinforcement will adapt to host changes

Rebars are created as rebar sets and contained to host or other rebar element.

Modify and update reinforcement

Edit reinforcement without recreating the rebar elements.

Save settings for reuse

Save the reinforcement configuration from the tool as “Named settings” and apply it to multiple elements. Modify all rebar created using the same “Named Setting” in one operation.

Keeps track of the changes

Reinforcement created with Naviate Rebar can be edited using Revit features and Naviate Rebar features will capture those changes.



A: Naviate Rebar is replacing Naviate Rebar Extension.

Naviate Rebar Extension is available for Revit 2022 but will not be supported for newer versions.

Naviate Rebar will include the most used features from Rebar Extension and is available for 2023 version and upcoming versions.

A: The column feature supports rectangular (chamfered as well) and round cross-section of a column.

A: Yes, all Naviate Rebar features allow you to create reinforcement to multiple elements of the same category in one operation.

A: The beam feature supports rectangular cross-section of a beam, it reinforces the beam in one span.