Naviate Outdoor Area

Create high-quality outdoor areas for people living there with analysis in the early building planning phase with Naviate Outdoor Area, an extension to Autodesk Forma.

Create high-quality outdoor areas

Outdoor area spaces are an important part for well-being living for everyone. With Naviate Outdoor Area you can analyze key values for the outdoor areas in your project already in the initial development phase. Placement of buildings in the landscape and in relation to sun, noise and terrain will make the final project more desirable with well chosen decisions from the start.

Well chosen decisions
High-quality living areas

What makes a good outdoor space?

A good outdoor space consists of elements like vegetation, space to move around in, sunny spaces, low area noise, areas for kids to safely play and enough distance to buildings for people to breath and exist. Regulations vary in different regions and municipalities. In the beta of Naviate Outdoor Area, there is a focus on analysis for adhering to space, sunlight, and noise standards.


What is Achieved with Outdoor Area

Naviate Outdoor Area lets you see the defined building site in relation to sun exposure, noise quality and terrain steepness. As you add more data into the model, the results will be visible in the projects Outdoor Area status bar giving you full overview and helps to secure the best possible outcome.

Find the best placement
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Road Noise Analysis
Road Noise Analysis
Sunlit Analysis
Sunlit Analysis
Terrain Steepness Analysis
Terrain Steepness Analysis