Naviate Traffic

Get a large library of road signs as well as a dynamic tool to create your own signs. Dynamic road-markings are created around native Civil 3D objects.

Customised for traffic planning

Naviate Traffic allows users to draw traffic signs, road signs and road markings in a Civil 3D-environment. The software contains all of the Swedish and Norwegian road signs and road markings.

Sign library
Sign creation

Creation of 3D signs

Road signs are linked to a selected road object, for example a pedestrian crossing and adapts to changes made to the object. The link between signs and road objects is also dynamic, which aids functionality significantly. All road signs and road markings can be lifted to a 3D environment when the original objects update.

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Add/Edit traffic sign

Editing an existing sign or add a sign to an existing sign / post. To add a sign, click "+" and select a new sign. To place it on the other side of the post, click "Inv". Repeat for other signs. The pole is changed automatically.

Insert traffic sign

Inserts a traffic sign in the drawing. Point out the location of the pole and then place the sign. Then point out a rotation for the post and sign or press Enter to not rotate. To change post press, enter before selecting location for the post.

Draw 3D Signs and Markings

Creates 3D traffic sign from existing 2D traffic signs. 3D traffic signs can be lifted to a an existing surface. Also creates 3D markings from existing 2D cross markings, longitudinal markings, other road markings and ghost islands.

Draw longitudinal markings

Creates longitudinal line marking on alignments, polylines or Feature Lines.

Draw cross markings

Draw cross markings eg Stop Line, Give Way line, Bicycle Overpass, Crosswalk.

Guidance Sign

Create Guidance Sign.

Ideation Portal

Your input on existing or new features and functionality are welcome! In the ideation portal you can add your ideas, see other ideas, comment and vote. Naviate is for users, by users.

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