Free Access to Symetri e-learning for Naviate Subscription Users

We are now offering access to Symetri e-learning to all Naviate users. This means users will have access to the Pinnacle Series for Autodesk as well as Naviate. For Naviate, new training material and instructions will be updated continuously.

For those on a Naviate subscription

  • Offer is included in your subscription starting April 2nd 2020
  • It will encompass all your users with a valid subscription
  • Your number of available users will be equal to the number of subscribed Naviate licenses

For those with a maintenance license for Naviate

  • You get access to Symetri e-learning free until further notice

For those with a mix of maintenance licenses and subscriptions

  • All users will have access to Symetri e-learning until further notice
  • We can of course move all maintenance users into a subscription model