Naviate Fabrication

Enhance your VDC design, detailing, and contracting work with streamlined modeling and fabrication tools.

Advanced modeling and fabrication commands

Naviate Fabrication simplifies pipe, duct, and MEP modeling, streamlining fitting connections and automating branch line adjustments, all in a single view.

Streamline modeling
Work in one view

Comprehensive set of features

Get more done with features like automating hanger layouts, annotation and tagging, simplifying multiple sleeve placement and easing creation of auto-annotated spool drawings with BOM lists. Access deeper fabrication settings for more detailed takeoffs with speed and accuracy.

Automate processes
Simplify tasks

Ideation Portal

Your input on existing or new features and functionality are welcome! In the ideation portal you can add your ideas, see other ideas, comment and vote. Naviate is for users, by users.

Naviate Blog

Follow us at the blog for tips and workflows for your Naviate solutions. Deep dives into topics and overview posts to get you started.

Symetri e-learning

Get access to all learning material on your Naviate today. You need a company account first. For more information visit the Helpdesk