Naviate Site & Landscaping

An environment created by and for Landscape Architects – fully customized including content, tools, and workflows. The template files contain features, symbols, and line styles as well as plants and trees.

Customized for Landscape Architects

Naviate Site & Landscaping enhances Revit for Landscape Architects by offering a specialized Landscape Information Model (LIM) with custom features designed specifically for landscape design including a comprehensive set of tools, content, and workflows, along with template files rich in landscape-specific features, symbols, line styles, and a diverse range of plants and trees. Begin your projects with our pre-set configurations and standard setups, all crafted to ensure optimal work methodologies and a smoother, more intuitive experience for Landscape Architects.

Save time
Control data
Optimize workflows

Developed with users

The development of Naviate Site & Landscaping involved close collaboration with customer reference groups. This approach ensures that the project template files and supporting applications are closely aligned with the actual needs and preferences of end-users.

Full support for collaboration

Naviate Site & Landscaping is fully integrated into the Revit platform, enhancing the collaboration and efficiency of BIM and LIM. This naturally applies to the objects included for designing in 2D and 3D. Concepts like the level of detail, and material definitions follow common standards. Functions and symbols in the module interact with other Naviate modules as well as other disciplines in a project.

Compatible with Lumion

Enhance your client presentations with the seamless integration of Naviate Site & Landscaping and Lumion. Our software is fully compatible with Lumion's powerful visualization tools, which allow you to effortlessly transform your 3D CAD designs from Naviate into stunning videos, images, and online 360 presentations. Now, creating impressive visualizations isn't just for 3D experts — it's an accessible part of your workflow with Naviate and Lumion.

Ideation Portal

Your input on existing or new features and functionality are welcome! In the ideation portal you can add your ideas, see other ideas, comment and vote. Naviate is for users, by users.

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