Naviate Accelerate

Naviate Accelerate provides enhanced functionality for all Revit users. Whatever industry you work in, Accelerate will help you improve your BIM workflows by offering expanded capabilities in Revit and reducing manual tasks.

The core in Naviate for Revit

In Naviate Accelerate you will find all the common specifications and features for your Naviate for Revit. With your chosen discipline on top you will have access to the Naviate best suited for your work tasks and project planning.

Save time
Control data
Optimize workflows

The common ground in the industry

Naviate Accelerate contains all the features found across the AEC industries, from collaboration, productivity and documentation. With best practice workflows and task management like Family Browser, Filter Elements, Sheet Manager, and Edit Parameters to mention a few.

Explore Naviate Accelerate

Filter Elements

Filter any object based on type or instance parameter value from the entire project. You can combine filters and save them for reuse. If it's in Revit you can filter it.

Manage Parameters

Edit and view instance or type parameter values in a table form. You can select any category, all parameters are available. Non editable parameters can be filtered. You can view and edit schedules, sort your list and copy/paste values.

Renumber Elements

Automatically write a number sequence on specified element types. You can number by selecting objects or by spline. Prefix and suffixes can also be includes. Auto-swap will swap numbers from objects that need unique numbering. You can also inherit the number from a selected object.

Color Elements

Colour any category by type or instance parameter values. You can override element graphics in view with colours and show and select elements in the properties. Create multiple filters based on your selection criteria, your filters will override current view template.

Sheet Manager & Publish

This is a gold star of a feature - you will save so much time you can spend on better tasks. Create multiple sheets with your requirements to sheet parameters, sheet revisions, legend views, scale and sheet format in one place. There's less room for errors and no manual work.


Print documents and export to DWG or IFC files. You can easily reuse the same settings the next time you need to publish the same views or sheets.

Ideation Portal

Your input on existing or new features and functionality are welcome! In the ideation portal you can add your ideas, see other ideas, comment and vote. Naviate is for users, by users.

Naviate Blog

Follow us at the blog for tips and workflows for your Naviate solutions. Deep dives into topics and overview posts to get you started.

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