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Working with Naviate will save you valuable time, enabling more time to create elegant and purposeful buildings and infrastructure. Naviate accelerates project documentation; it also helps optimise working methods. Standards are built-in; everything is preconfigured to enhance your BIM workflow.


Quality, accuracy and control

Naviate is built on industry needs to improve and simplify workflows and tasks in project management. We continue to develop Naviate together with our customers. Naviate is made by and for Naviate users. The product portfolio consists of three products. Naviate for Revit and Naviate for Civil 3D from Autodesk. And Naviate Nexus that is free to use with all software platforms. The solutions consists of six main elements.


Programmed features to help you generate results quicker, save time in model creation and interact with other disciplines.



Database of components and products based on manufacturers’ sources to use directly in your models. You can also add objects yourself.



Templates and databases to optimise your platform. The templates and databases can also be configured to your needs and requirements.



To ensure optimised flow of information, you can exchange information between platforms and formats both into and out from the platform.



Included methods make workflow, methodology, best practice and experience into a lean cycle of continuous improvement.



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Latest from Naviate

Color Elements for Structural engineers - identify materials and level heights

02 December 2021

Earlier we’ve written blog posts on the Naviate feature Color Elements addressed mainly towards Architects. You can read our earlier posts in the links below. But Color Elements is equally a great solution for Structural engineers. In this post, we will show two ways to use Color Elements for structural workflows; to identify structural materials, and to identify heights.The common characteristic for all of the presented methodologies presented for Color Elements is time saving so you can finalise your work faster without compromising on quality.

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Norsk Konstruksjonsrådgivning AS

Norsk Konstruksjonsrådgivning AS Tore Bjørk CEO
With Naviate we save time and money in our projects. It also ensure that we can deliver the quality our customers demand. Without Naviate we would have to work more to deliver the same results.
Tore Bjørk
BIM Manager
Norsk Konstruksjonsrådgivning AS

bsv arkitekter & ingeniörer ab

Bsv Arkitekter & Ingeniörer Ab Gabriel Dursun (2)
Designing an industrial complex brings up a whole lot of challenges such as profitability, production flow which requires consideration. Using Naviate for Revit we were able to keep control of critical data, building components and requirements to create a well-planned design.
Gabriel Dursun
Civil Engineer Architect
bsv arkitekter & ingenjörer ab

Tyréns Group

Svensson Magnus
The Naviate Road tools allow us to create a workflow to distribute and update our Assemblies and Corridor settings in our large projects. The tools allow us to make sure that everyone uses the correct versions and settings. The scripting abilities make it easy to update the full project after any changes to our Assemblies or Corridor settings and Symetri has been very helpful in adding new features to improve our workflows.
Magnus Svensson
BIM & Application Strategist
Tyréns Group

YourCad Ltd

Yourcad Adveco PPR Matthew Cunliffe
The deployment of Naviate HVAC at YourCAD has markedly reduced project delivery times. Key components have been project set up and sheet reproduction on a previous companies model. The Manage Parameters function and Excel Import/Export has also made COBie production a lot less painful! Naviate has been able to reduce timeframes allowing us to provide a more efficient service to our clients.
Matthew Cunliffe
Director & BIM Consultant
YourCad Ltd


VBK Gårda Vesta Rasmus Sylvén
There are many benefits to Naviate. As a designer, you are faced with many different challenges in finding the best and most effective solution for the customer, whether it is rebuilding or new construction. Naviate gives you the keys to be successful. Provision for void has been such a key feature that has facilitated our work regarding control calculation of the stabilizing concrete cores in the two house bodies with regard to holes for pipes, ventilation and electricity through them.
Rasmus Sylvén
Project Manager

SVEA Ingeniörsbyrå AB

SVEA Ingeniörsbyrå Seif Alamerison
Symetri's Revit solution Naviate Structure has given us the opportunity to implement a significantly more efficient management of the 3D reinforcement in the project, from the actual information stage to the documentation and review process.
Seif Alamerison
SVEA Ingenjörsbyrå AB

Konstruktionsbyrån AB

Konstruktionsbyrån Andreas Eklund
Working on a structure placed on a more challenging environment requires an innovative thinking and also right tools to express the ideas into the BIM software. Revit with Naviate was a given solution for us and helped to enhance the workflow around the 3D reinforcement area and also to secure that the defined information was right on each object and area of the building before delivering it to the builders.
Andreas Eklund
Konstruktionsbyrån AB

White Arkitekter AB

White Arkitekter Fredrik Borgström
Naviate shows the true power of digital workflows and solutions. We can focus more on creativity and innovation.
Fredrik Borgström
Head of planning services
White Arkitekter AB


Martin Olsén
The Naviate Landscape tools are really assisting us in creating the models and information we need. I especially appreciate the Elevation tools and the Dynamic Line Sets that allow me to work in 2D and still rapidly and easily model in 3D. Also, the Plant Data function and the Property Set tools assist me in setting up the quantification analysis’ and reports. And that all these data work perfectly when moving over to Navisworks is really great!
Martin Olsén

DARK Arkitekter AS

DARK Arkitekter Økern Portal Tone Stilén
With Naviate, we can ensure that the daily modelling and collaboration with the other disciplines in the project - both internally and externally - always keeps the quality we want and the customer expects in our deliveries.
Tone Stilén
BIM Manager
DARK Arkitekter AS

Kier Professional Services

Trevor Norman
Naviate is an extensive package that adds workflows and specific tool for our daily design process. The “ADMM Property Sets” creation tool saves us thousands of hours and eliminates human errors. Also the Corridor Setup and Export tools including the ability to use the translation command on sub-assemblies plus all the Property Set Management tools are saving us hundreds of hours, The Naviate team has also been very agile in adding new features that we have requested.
Trevor Norman
Principal CAD Technician
Kier Professional Services

Loxia Group

Naviate for Civil 3D is an excellent companion to Civil 3D. It is user-friendly and gives the user a lot of options to work with. Without Naviate, it would be hard to produce the models I require.
Daniel Alderholm
Construction Engineer
Loxia Group

BSK Arkitekter AB

BSK Arkitekter Peter Lund (3)
Naviate is an obvious and essential addition to Revit. Without Naviate, it would be very difficult for us to make deliveries with high quality and within reasonable time frames.
Peter Lund
Head of IT with BIM and Model responsibility
BSK Arkitekter AB


Sweco Erik Blomfeldt
The Naviate Pipe tools add the functionalities for Plan, Profile and Section/Volumes that we lack in Civil 3D. The Plan and Profile tools allow us to create a workflow to more easily create and update our Pipe Networks. And the Naviate Pipe subassemblies really make the Section design and Volume Calculation a lot easier.
Erik Blomfeldt
Water Resource Designer

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