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Accelerate your BIM projects

Working with Naviate will save you valuable time, enabling more time to create elegant and purposeful buildings and infrastructure. Naviate accelerates project documentation; it also helps optimise working methods. Standards are built-in; everything is preconfigured to enhance your BIM workflow.

User Benefits

Quality, accuracy, control

Based on wishes and needs from our customers, we have developed Naviate. Naviate is a product portfolio for users of Revit and Civil 3D from Autodesk. The solutions consist of six main elements: 


Programmed features to help you generate results quicker, save time in model creation and interact with other disciplines.


Database of components and products based on manufacturers’ sources to use directly in your models. You can also add objects yourself.


Templates and databases to optimise your platform. The templates and databases can also be configured to your needs and requirements.


To ensure optimised flow of information, you can exchange information between platforms and formats both into and out from the platform.


Included methods make workflow, methodology, best practice and experience into a lean cycle of continuous improvement.


Watch videos, read tips and tricks and download the latest releases.

Top-Selling Solutions

Naviate for Revit and Civil 3D

These are our most popular solutions. See top menu for a complete list.

Naviate Structure

Accelerate project documentation and optimise working methods with built-in standards for structural engineers to enhance your BIM workflow.

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Naviate Road

Have access to templates and setting files for local standards, as well as functions that together with Civil 3D create an efficient workflow.

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If you want to keep your competitive edge, you need to team up with people with the right technical knowledge. With Symetri, we are in good hands.
Angie Arroyo Mendez A-lab
We have made the right choice in choosing Symetri when it comes to having a trusted advisor in our field.
Claudia Tambuscio Hille Melbye
As we are part of the reference group, we are given the opportunity to influence the content which means that we get a product that suits us and our requirements perfectly.
Mathias Näll Sweco Architects, Sweden
Naviate for Civil 3D is an excellent companion to Civil 3D. It is user-friendly and gives the user a lot of options to work with. Without Naviate, it would be hard to produce the models I require.

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