Enhance your BIM workflow

Naviate for Revit

Naviate Accelerate

Naviate Accelerate offer features and solutions to enhance your BIM workflow. It can be used on top of your Revit and is not industry specific.

Naviate Architecture

Naviate Architecture is fully integrated into the Revit platform and enhances the collaboration possibilities offered by BIM.

Naviate Bimfire

Bimfire is made for Fire Engineers to work directly in Revit. It enables you to transmit data from your Fire Safety models to the other collaborators in a building project.

Naviate Daylight

Automate daylight area ratio checking of your BIM model for optimising design decisions on indoor lighting, windows and other elements for better work and living areas.

Naviate Electrical

Revit with Naviate Electrical allows you to work collaborative and optimised in a building information modelling (BIM) environment. Electrical designs can be created simultaneously in both 3D and 2D, a big advantage when satisfying increasing demands and mandates for BIM delivery.

Naviate Fabrication

Advanced modeling and fabrication commands to increase productivity and revenue for VDC designers, detailers, and contractors.

Naviate Landuse

Naviate Landuse, an application for creating Zoning plans in Revit. Landuse gives you access to features to create a zoning plan according to regulations. The first version of this application is localised to Norwegian standard only.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Get an environment fully customised to the needs of landscape architects – including content, tools and workflow. The template files contain features, symbols and line styles as well as plants and trees.

Naviate Structure

Naviate Structure provides you with a large library of completed object types. In addition, there are complete standard profiles and foundations designed to be quickly and easily customised to suit the project you are going to work with.

Naviate Zero

Make smart material selections to minimise the carbon footprint in your designs. You have direct access to updated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and values for your selected country and regions.

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Embodied Carbon: What it is and how to deal with it

20 February 2024

As architects, you’re not just creators of spaces but custodians of the future environment. Sustainability is the keystone of contemporary architecture, guiding both design philosophy and construction practices. And among the most critical aspects of sustainable design is embodied carbon, a metric that evaluates the environmental impact of the materials and methods we employ from the ground up.

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Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Futures: Introducing Naviate Zero

20 February 2024

Our world is getting warmer, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is to blame. CO2 absorbs and radiates heat, leading to what is called the greenhouse effect — as well as climate change. In 2021, CO2 alone was responsible for about two-thirds of the total heating influence of all human-produced greenhouse gases. The more CO2 we add to the atmosphere, the more we see the greenhouse effect — and the faster we see global temperatures rise.  New building construction releases significant CO2 into the atmosphere, not just through the physical construction of buildings but also material fabrication, transportation, and construction waste. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), buildings account for at least 39% of energy-related global carbon emissions annually. At least one-quarter of these emissions come from embodied carbon, or the carbon emissions associated with building materials and construction.

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