Work smarter with infrastructure projects

Naviate for Civil 3D

Naviate Pipe

Use Naviate Pipe for efficient and dynamic project design. Included in the software are templates and network parts lists that conform to industry and national standards.

Naviate Road

Have access to templates and setting files for local standards, as well as functions that together with Civil 3D create an efficient workflow.

Naviate Landscape

Design your surroundings more efficiently with elevation editing commands, volume calculation methods and visual styles and templates.

Naviate Traffic

Get a large library of road signs as well as a dynamic tool to create your own signs. Dynamic road-markings are created around native Civil 3D objects.

Naviate Infrastructure

Naviate Infrastructure is a bundle of Naviate Road, Pipe and Landscape. Together with Civil 3D you have everything you need for your infrastructure projects.

Latest blog posts from Naviate Civil 3D

Units and Templates in Naviate Civil 3D

16 June 2023

Naviate has launched its first USA version with Naviate for Civil 3D 2024.1 and 2023.11. This means that we have adapted Naviate to work with Imperial Units and we have also made it easier for you to work with your own template in Naviate.  This blogpost will go through how Civil 3D and Naviate handles units, and some good things to think about when it comes to the template.

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Plan production solutions in Naviate Civil 3D

29 March 2023

In version 2023.2 of Naviate for Civil 3D we included a new set of features aimed at plan production. These features can take any layout of View frames, whether they are created along an alignment or if they are in a grid pattern, and use them as a base for creating multiple Layouts with the aid of a script.

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Tyréns Group

Svensson Magnus
The Naviate Road tools allow us to create a workflow to distribute and update our Assemblies and Corridor settings in our large projects. The tools allow us to make sure that everyone uses the correct versions and settings. The scripting abilities make it easy to update the full project after any changes to our Assemblies or Corridor settings and Symetri has been very helpful in adding new features to improve our workflows.
Magnus Svensson
BIM & Application Strategist
Tyréns Group


Martin Olsén
The Naviate Landscape tools are really assisting us in creating the models and information we need. I especially appreciate the Elevation tools and the Dynamic Line Sets that allow me to work in 2D and still rapidly and easily model in 3D. Also, the Plant Data function and the Property Set tools assist me in setting up the quantification analysis’ and reports. And that all these data work perfectly when moving over to Navisworks is really great!
Martin Olsén

Kier Professional Services

Kier Professional Services Trevor Norman
Naviate is an extensive package that adds workflows and specific tool for our daily design process. The “ADMM Property Sets” creation tool saves us thousands of hours and eliminates human errors. Also the Corridor Setup and Export tools including the ability to use the translation command on sub-assemblies plus all the Property Set Management tools are saving us hundreds of hours, The Naviate team has also been very agile in adding new features that we have requested.
Trevor Norman
Principal CAD Technician
Kier Professional Services

Loxia Group

Naviate for Civil 3D is an excellent companion to Civil 3D. It is user-friendly and gives the user a lot of options to work with. Without Naviate, it would be hard to produce the models I require.
Daniel Alderholm
Construction Engineer
Loxia Group


Sweco Erik Blomfeldt
The Naviate Pipe tools add the functionalities for Plan, Profile and Section/Volumes that we lack in Civil 3D. The Plan and Profile tools allow us to create a workflow to more easily create and update our Pipe Networks. And the Naviate Pipe subassemblies really make the Section design and Volume Calculation a lot easier.
Erik Blomfeldt
Water Resource Designer

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