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Naviate is free for universities

Work smarter, not harder

With Naviate on top of your Autodesk solution, you can use your time on the creativity and be assured that the manual and repetitive tasks are secured through Naviate. With Naviate in your project you can work efficiently, easy and finalize your work quicker. With over + 70 000 users of Naviate, we know we can make your experience better!

Free for all students
+ 70 000 users

Get an advantage when you graduate

Companies globally are investing in Naviate, with experience already from student work you can have an advantage when you have graduated.

Be ahead of the competition

Usage restrictions

Access to software for education may be used only for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research and development.

They may not be used for commercial, professional, or any other for-profit purposes.

Please find our full terms and conditions here.

How does Naviate Academy licenses work?


Valid for 1 academic year

Always up to date

Works with Autodesk solutions

Trusted by professionals










Why you should use Naviate

The skillset of the future starts in the classroom now

Use our features to work smarter and more efficient today

Connect with the Naviate community and get a headstart on your career

Extensive learning material available across multiple industries

Get a headstart on your career in + 2 000 companies using Naviate

Work smarter, not harder in your Autodesk software

FAQ on Naviate education licenses

Naviate is free for students through the university or other educational institution you attend. Only employees working at the university can fill in the application. We do not accept requests directly from students.

You can use Naviate for 2022. 2023, 2024 correlating to Autodesk platform versions.

Naviate can be used with Windows 10x64 and Window 11x64.

Yes you can. Make sure you are assigned a license by the university.

All licenses are available for 1 academic year. They can be renewed by the university easily on this page.

Yes, you can use Naviate for 2022. 2023, 2024 correlating to Autodesk platform versions.

Yes, the license follows your personal log-in that you will receive from your university. You can log out of one computer to use the license on a new computer.

What is included in the different packages


  • Naviate Accelerate
  • Naviate Architecture
  • Naviate Site & Landscaping
  • Naviate Zero
  • Naviate Daylight

Structural Engineering

  • Naviate Accelerate
  • Naviate Structure
  • Naviate Rebar
  • Naviate Zero

MEP Engineering

  • Naviate Accelerate
  • Naviate MEP
  • Naviate Electrical
  • Naviate HVAC & Plumbing


  • Naviate Cloud Manager
  • Naviate Simple BIM

Infrastructure Design

  • Naviate Road
  • Naviate Pipe
  • Naviate Landscape
  • Naviate Traffic

Apply for Naviate Academy licenses here

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  • Note that only educators that can confirm University employee ID can apply on behalf of the university, we will automatically decline all student applications.
  • There's a manual identification process before licenses are approved.

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We approve the application

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