Naviate Base

Manage your Civil 3D model with Naviate Base. Naviate Base includes the core functionality of the Naviate for Civil 3D bundle. Naviate Base will help you with your Property Set data management, give you a comprehensive set of tools for creating, editing, and analyzing Civil Surfaces as well as tools for managing Solids and speeding up your sheet production.

Manage data on all objects in your model

Naviate Base will help you manage data on all objects in your model, both inside the model and by connecting with external data. Naviate Base also contains tools for managing Surfaces, Solids and Sheet production.

Apply and update property set data

Search for objects with a selected Property set and a certain Property Value. Export to Excel for editing and re-importing the edited data back to the original object in your drawing. Apply and update property set data on any selection of objects and move information between different data formats on the objects.

Non-alignment based Sheet set production

Non-alignment-based Sheet set production that allows you to insert view frames freely or as an array or use your existing polylines or blocks. Create your sheets in a batch including Match Lines and Key Map.

With Naviate Base you can

Find and select objects based on their property data with competent filtering capabilities

Exports, Imports and Matches data on your objects.

Works together with Civil 3D objects to enhance your model.

Surface and Solid commands to enhance Civil 3D objects.

Tool to easily turn on/off Point Groups, Surfaces, Networks and Corridors.

Explore the full Naviate for Civil 3D experience here with Naviate Infrastructure

Naviate Infrastructure is a bundle of Naviate Road, Pipe and Landscape. Together with Civil 3D you have everything you need for your infrastructure projects. Please refer to each individual product for detailed description.