View Filter Manager - time saver when managing projects in Revit

23 September 2021

The Naviate for Revit add-ons include features that help productivity, documentation, collaboration, managing projects. That of course in the end will save time. We have a lot of feature in Naviate and it’s always a challenge to give them the attention they should have. Today I would share with you some insight on the capabilities you will find in our “View Filter Manager” feature, one of several features that helps you managing your project in an efficient way. “What Views and View templates are used in my View Filters”

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Edit parameter values on multiple elements with Naviate for Revit

09 September 2021

What if you could manage all type and instance parameters in your Revit model in one user interface. Would you use it or not? It’s as powerful tool and no rooms for errors, but then again a very efficient way to manage the projects parameters, cross multiple project. For some years ago we introduced the feature “Edit parameters Value” a feature that allow you to edit all Instance and/or Type parameters on multiple elements using a spreadsheet user interface. We will now give you a deep dive on how to use this powerful tool.

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Simple road design with Align Profile in Naviate Site & Landscaping

06 January 2021

Landscaping in Revit is still a challenge, but we are getting closer with our recent additions to Naviate Site & Landscaping.  Last summer it became clear that Autodesk Site Designer got deprecated for Revit 2021. As a result, Naviate Site & Landscaping got some added features during the autumn last year to support Landscape Architects working in Revit. Back in August 2020, we hosted a webinar and asked the participants what pains they would like to find easier solutions to in near future. In particular, two topics where discussed;

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New Family Browser to access families in the cloud

03 September 2020

We've launched a new Family Browser that's located in the cloud. Now, why did we do this? There's several reasons for why this change came in Naviate 2021 version, here's the main ones.Cloud content means smaller installation packages that's easier to download and install for you as a user. Further, content in the cloud means that we can add or change individual families easily and quickly without waiting for next release. And finally, this means we can offer a more flexible solution, offering you access to content cross-country without the need for a re-installation of Naviate.The first version was released in July 2020, supporting these three main goals.We have a lot more ideas for Cloud Browser to evolve as a solution for you as a user.Access to updated template files in the cloudFilter families based on last revisions of the familiesSee if a family is already loaded into the projectAnd many more! The journey for Cloud Browser has just started. As a user we would appreciate any feedback you have for further development. >Please visit our ideation portal to add your ideas and vote on the ideas already present. We have a goal of Cloud Browser being your Content Manager Solution in the near future. > Family BrowserOur existing Family Browser is still there, used to place Loaded Families in an efficient way (drag and drop).Cloud BrowserNow, let's dive into the Cloud Browser and what it looks like in this first version.You can find it in the menu next to the well known Family Browser.The main features of the Cloud BrowserChoose content source depending of your region or countryChoose a category to filter load of familiesFilter and search the loaded families by the data panels parameter selectionFilter and search the family using text, type in your target family and searchInsert the chosen family into a project using drag and drop optionLoad a family in a project using the load family buttonHow to insert or load families into a project using categories and parameters

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Naviate Site & Landscaping - Your “best friend” doing Landscape projects in Revit

05 August 2020

We all received the information this summer, that Site Designer got deprecated for Revit 2021. Site Designer has been an add-in to Revit several years trying to support Landscape Architects working with BIM in Revit. Sadly, we didn’t see any progress or improvement on the add-in in those years. Symetri decided in 2018 to do something with that and we developed Naviate Site & Landscaping

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