Welcome to Naviate Community

11 August 2022

Ever since Naviate was launched we've been lucky to see the number of users grow. This growth of skilled and knowledgeable users hasn't been accessible to anyone outside each company joining us though. We've been thinking a lot about how we can help gather everyone in one place for ease of access and learning. Social media platforms were a start, but not ideal. It was time for the next step; a Naviate Community.

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Create custom families with Naviate Electrical

31 May 2022

Do you find editing and creating objects in Revit time cumbersome? It can be time consuming to create new objects in the family editor, but with the latest update in Naviate Electrical it is easy to create and combine 2D and 3D symbols.

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Import information from Excel with Naviate Plant Data

01 March 2022

Naviate Plant Data is an easy way of importing information from an Excel-file and apply the information to Civil 3D or AutoCAD objects. In this blog post I will describe how to go from information in a spread sheet in Excel to information attached to your design elements.

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Format management - SHP-files and Naviate for Civil 3D

15 February 2022

One of the challenges that we have working with Civil 3D is that we have a lot of different formats to handle. This could be both to export to and import from. In this blogpost I will focus on the SHP-format and were Naviate will come in to help you handle the format.

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