A common ground for BIM workflows in Revit with Naviate Accelerate

17 June 2021

Naviate was built to tailor the needs we saw users had in their digital BIM, to help them work smarter and do more with less. The development of the solution has grown steadily over many years, and we’ve seen a demand for the solutions in a global market. To cater to users outside the Nordic region, we now offer Naviate Accelerate as an own solution.

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Combined Surface for Multiple Pipe Trenches in Naviate for Civil 3D

11 May 2021

When you have multiple pipe networks that all have their own shelf in the section, it is usually more work than it is worth to create a corridor for the whole section. The best way is to create individual corridors and then combine the solids or the surfaces later. In this post I will describe how to combine the surfaces to get a combined trench surface.

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Naviate Pipe-to-Pipe Connection in two ways

26 March 2021

Naviate have had commands for creating pipe-to-pipe-connections for a while but in Naviate 2021.2/2019.22 we added one more command that not only connects pipes to each other, but also creates the connecting pipe.

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Get added value with your Naviate today with Symetri e-learning

18 February 2021

We’ve earlier touched upon the topic e-learning and how it’s a smart choice for reducing time looking for relevant information. You can read the blog post here. Today we’ll dive into a few practical examples of what Naviate offer in our Symetri e-learning platform, and how you can get access (for free) if you have a Naviate license.

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