Naviate Accelerate Features

Naviate Accelerate with your chosen Revit discipline on top secures a personalised workflow and project planning solution for you and your team.

Filter Elements

Filter any object based on type or instance parameter value from the entire project. You can combine filters and save them for reuse. If it's in Revit you can filter it.

Manage Parameters

Edit and view instance or type parameter values in a table form. You can select any category, all parameters are available. Non editable parameters can be filtered. You can view and edit schedules, sort your list and copy/paste values.

Renumbering Elements

Automatically write a number sequence on specified element types. You can number by selecting objects or by spline. Prefix and suffixes can also be includes. Auto-swap will swap numbers from objects that need unique numbering. You can also inherit the number from a selected object.

Color Elements

Colour any category by type or instance parameter values. You can override element graphics in view with colours and show and select elements in the properties. Create multiple filters based on your selection criteria, your filters will override current view template.

Sheet Manager & Publish

This is a gold star of a feature - your will save so much time you can spend on better tasks. Create multiple sheets with your requirements to sheet parameters, sheet revisions, legend views, scale and sheet format in one place. There's less room for errors and no manual work.


Print documents and export to DWG or IFC files. You can easily reuse the same settings the next time you need to publish the same views or sheets.

Unhide Elements

Quickly reveal hidden elements in the current view; make hidden elements active view visible and unhide all hidden instances (by elements). Also works on temporary hidden elements when hide is applied in view. The unhidden elements are selected automatically,

Create Multiple Sheets

Create many Sheets in one workflow. You start with an existing drawing and use it as a template. You can choose between selecting views, where you choose from existing views in your project; select levels, where you choose levels in a list and the application creates new floor plans; or specify number of drawings, where you specify the number of copies you want of your template drawing.

Edit Parameters

Edit Instance or Type parameters on multiple elements using a “spread sheet” user interface. You can show instance-count checkbox, configure parameter columns, see numbers of visible columns and number of all columns, and create schedule.

CAD Tracker

Keep track of cad files in your project with detection of .dwg, .dxf and .dgn files. You can display all CAD files from the project, display basic information about CAD files, remove CAD files from the project, display information about views in which the files are visible, and show/hide the CAD files from selected views.

Family Browser

Help you keep track of all families on your network from one single location. You can add and remove folders, filter families by search word, chose size of family icons in the view list by right click on family icon and chose which type ,under the same family, to load from a drop down menu or Load Family Type window amongst others.