Naviate Structure Features

Naviate Structure provides you with a large library of completed object types. In addition, there are complete standard profiles and foundations designed to be quickly and easily customised to suit the project you are going to work with.

Rebar Numbering

Rebar Numbering allows you to find all equal rebars in your project. Number them and export to Excel or XML file. All rebars from the project are contained in Rebar Numbering, including the Fabric Sheet(net) with a specific data just for them (net area, total area, net weight, total weight...). You don't need to go to Configure Reinforcement and specify your settings before using Rebar Numbering NX as you can specify your settings directly from the dialog by clicking on Configuration button.

Pile Extend/Trim

Pile Extend/Trim Tool affects objects of the category Structural Foundations, individually to selected Topsurface. You can extend/trim piles to a pre-selected surface or to the nearest surface below the piles (supported only in the current project). You use a linked file you can choose if you want to extend to surfaces in current project or to the linked Revit file or to the linked IFC-file . You can exclude a surface for being used when extending or trimming using the NVExcludePiles parameter from Properties.

Pile Numbering

Pile Numbering renumbers Piles and Pile Foundations in your project. You can choose start point and directions to go with "Sense of XY axis“. You can select piles in the order which you want it to be marked.