Naviate Nexus

Naviate Nexus is delivering value to the entire value chain in the building construction industry, from early sketch to facility management, maintenance and operation. Naviate Nexus combines a wide range of software technologies, standards, and agreements with specific building component data. The result is easier communication and more efficient work in projects ensuring data quality and fulfilment of ICT requirements.

Naviate Nexus for Revit

Work directly with classification in Autodesk Revit and your BIM model. Naviate Nexus for Revit works with many standards and is built on CCS as the core standard. CCS is based on international standards and is a common language and methodology for structuring data.

Naviate Nexus Portal

Whether you are building owner, advisor, architect, engineer, constructor, or entrepreneur you can use Naviate Nexus Portal to save time and money throughout your BIM project.