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Naviate Structure 2022 – Rebar Numbering issues solved for workshared projects

Updated: The issue is solved, and available in the newest release 2022.1.3. 

Please make sure you download the 2022.1.3 version if you need to work with Rebar Numbering in a workshared project in Revit 2022.

Earlier 2022 versions will not support the solution.

The issue If you run Rebar Numbering in your local copy of the project everything works fine. However, when you synchronise your changes to central it is a big risk that the elementID we store in Rebar Numbering gets updated by Revit and you get an error when running Rebar Numbering again.

ElementID can change with workshared

The reason for this issue is that the elementID we store to keep track of things may change when you synchronise your changes to central. This isn’t anything new, but earlier we stored this data as elementID in the data storage. Revit would then update the data storage when the ID was changed. In 2022 this was changed, when we moved to a new framework. Revit does not understand that it is an elementID stored that needs to be updated.

If you are alone working and syncing to the central you will not see this issue; there is no need for Revit to change any elementID when synchronising.

The error happens if another person starts working on the same version of the central model as you and synchronise before you and then later you run Rebar Numbering and synchronise; your elementID will be in conflict and Revit will update them. Next time you start Rebar Numbering you will get an error.

Issue is solved and is available in 2022.1.3 release

We have solved this issue already and you can download the version 2022.1.3 here.

Please contact our support if you need further assistance.